Monday, August 4, 2008

Dews Monday round-down

Leading off immediately on a slightly serious tone, as "Tropical Storm Edouard" appears to be bearing down on the homes of Doctor Gonzo and CityCat... Thankfully both of them are somewhere on the west coast at the moment, so the storm will hopefully do its thing, then allow them to come home.

Not to pick on Texas, but damn guys, how do you live there???

The smog situation was apparently under control" (much like everything else they try to do in Freedom-Loving China), but it has since "returned"??? I guess I don't understand this. If you create smog, does it eventually leave? I guess I always assumed (seeing pictures of LA I think), that smog essentially hung out for a while unless conditions changed dramatically? (Someone please feel free to set me straight on this as my knowledge is NOT good on this one).

Here is a touching article about the plight of the wealthy members of our society. I'm truly weeping openly in my office hearing of how they have to cut back on private-jet trips and such. What kind of America do we live in now??? Its like I don't even recognize it anymore...

They found the Anthrax mailer!!! Well... Kinda... See, the funny thing was, the guy kinda killed himself before he was actually indicted, which is a very convenient way to wrap this all up nicely SEVEN years after the fact (way to go FBI!).

Finally, in a strange bit of "Debtor's Prison Redux" news, a Milwaukee man faces foreclosure because he didn't pay a parking ticket... Truly amazing...

And in a new feature for my postings, I want to include the "Strange thing Dews heard on the way to work this morning" (as its really not all that difficult to hear something that makes you just stop and hope your head didn't explode trying to comprehend what it was you just heard).

I bring you "Strange Interns and their Hair problems":

"Yea, on my head it was like a pear-shaped donut! I mean, how awesome is that?"


That is all....

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SayHey Kid said...

Denton was 105 all week long!! Butg it was dry heat so it wasnt to horrible