Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good stuff happens on Tuesdays

And I have some proof. First off, news out of the Congo that primatologists have found nearly 100,000 lowland gorillas no one knew existed. I say this is great news first because these gorillas have been on the brink of extinction since the middle-1980s. I got my undergraduate degree in anthropology, and if I hadn't been seduced by the glamour and money (both of which I'm still waiting for) of a career in the law, I'd have gotten my Ph.D in primatology. This is a tremendous find because we still tons to learn about our physiological make-up as well as how our brains function. Finding more of our evolutionary relatives is a big deal.

Next, a victory for my favorite technological innovation: DVR. A U.S. Court of Appeals (I think 1st Circuit, but this article is basically crap) overruled a district court's decision that prevented Cablevision from offering its customers "network DVR," a remote DVR system that would eliminate the need for an in-home DVR set up. This could allow the DVR technology to become available to more homes, and hopefully also make it cheaper.

Aside from apes, monkeys, and the law, I also dig not having to arrange my schedule around when a network decides to air my favorite shows. I have been things to do Monday-Friday than sit down and watch television. TV is entertaining, but should be relegated to those times when one is hungover and can't do much else but stay stationary. DVR allows me to be entertained when sitting on my couch on Saturday mornings, as opposed to watching re-runs of Mythbusters. And that is why it is the most important technology of this century.

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