Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 08.01.08 Late Afternoon of Maddenmas Edition

Yes, for the first time in my life I went to the midnight opening of a video game, which almost ended in disaster. I went to a Gamespot as I figured that line would be much easier then Best Buy. When I called Gamespot I was told they have the Collectors Edition that I could buy. I was the first one there, but not the first one in line as I was on the phone and listening to the Dodgers game. I finally get inside and low and behold the CE is only for those who had RESERVED it. Luckily there was one spare copy and I was allowed to buy that.

Needless to say I stayed up playing a mixture of Head Coach 09 (a part of the CE) and Madden and both games are above and beyond what previous games were. The Madden gameplay is much nicer then in the past couples of years and the graphics are excellent. Head Coach is a tougher game, but much easier to maneuver then the bullshit we had last time around. A quick note, to get the roster updates you have to go to join a ranked game of online play and it will then ask if you want to download the roster updates. You don't have to play the game after that, just exit out of that menu.

Our continuing coverage of the Katrina Child Care story continues as now the alleged kidnapper is seeking custody of the kids as she fears they are in danger in going back to New Orleans.

Though the Judge ruled in his favor, Kilpatrick cut it close to his bond allowances. Why do some people, usually coming from monetary backgrounds, don't believe the LAW applies to them?

CityCat has tried to explain this reasoning to me, but I'm sorry "negative publicity" is not the appropriate form of punishment for people who tried to mold this country's justice department to a certain line of thinking.

Back up NVIDIA, AMD is coming out swinging for your crown. How long until dews owns this piece of hardware?

We're getting better at protecting our marine life but we still have a long way to go kids.

Way to get everyone's mind off of Ron Artest Rafer Alston. I didn't actually believe getting arrested for a DWI in Houston.

The story of hazing cheerleaders from Texas continues.

The Bush administration has a new plan on how to determine when things are endangered and the like. We're guessing his plan is to wait until they are no longer in the double digits to make a decision.

The invasion has moved south, though with him attacking people in Tennessee we can't really argue with his logic. These are folks who think Bill Fulmer is god.

The Obama camp is rolling out Republicans for Obama that has many former Republican politicians. No word as to yet if McCain will respond with Democrats for McCain and roll out Lieberman.

First it was fireworks, now the child singing was fake. Was there anything actually REAL in the opening ceremony or did we all take the red pill?

Though this game was lackluster for the most part, you know it's bad when your offense is named Ty Wiggington, I do have a big surprise in store for tomorrow's game, one that I'm sure will annoy SayHey.

Finally, here is SI's review of Madden and I don't think I really disagree with anything on there.

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Dews said...

Actually, the setups I have are dual ATI's in Crossfire (2 x 512mb) as well as another box that are dual NVidia's in SLI(also 2 x 512mb), and both perform better then this singular card, but the prospect of running two of these (if its possible, haven't read the specs yet) in tandem sounds like a new expensive project for Dews indeed :)