Friday, August 8, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 08.08.08 Late Olympic Smog Edition

Well, CityCat and I are back from our lil family vacation in the Monterey Bay area and just in time for the opening ceremony for this year's summer Olympics. Of course, even with such a big event in such an important country taking place no one has been talking about it. All I've heard on my vacation is Brett Favre this and Primma Donna that. So much has been said that I don't think I'm gonna add to it. I'll make my predictions in the coming weeks and that will be the end of it, though I am sad my prediction of Brett being an Oakland Raider didn't come true.

First I want to start off this morning with something we experienced this week coming home the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When one is in stand still traffic on a somewhat major highway in California one's mind wanders as to why. Illegal alien bust? Two trucks playing chicken? OJ is loose in California again? UFO has crashed and CSM and his team are recovering the pieces before Fox and Scully arrive? Sadly this was not the case when some cane wielding meth head brought down the major central California highway to a stand still the other night. Watch the video and keep an eye on the cane, see if you could mistake that for a gun.

See what happens when you're not paying attention, you completely miss the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

In somewhat surprising news, Pakistan has decided to impeach President Pervez Musharraf and prove that while they may not assist us completely in hunting for Bin Laden they have not forgotten how to deal with corrupt leaders, unlike us.

McCain apparently seeks to define himself and Obama but no word as to whether he will seek to move back from velcro to actually tying his shoes or stop going to Dennys at 4pm for dinner.

In a sign of things to come, a Tennessee Republican Representative lost his incumbent primary due to his ties to big oil and became the first politician in Tennessee to do so in over four decades.

In something that needs more attention department, the Georgian President has declared that Russia is fighting a war with his country. Brilliant time frame to do it to when the rest of the world is not paying attention.

A sad day for all you club kids as Australia has roped in the largest haul of ecstasy in a drug bust, five tons, in the world. No word as to how this will effect water sales in the immediate future.

Detroit is battling DC in a fierce competition right now for most crooked politicians in the city government, and I might actually have to give Detroit the edge right now. Hell all Barry did was some crack and a bitch who set him up.

Though Maryland still manages to get some press as one of the worst states to live in after officers completely a fubar operation by killing the MAYOR's dogs.

Illinois appears to be the next state to initiate laziness and install speed cameras, even when most places are ruling them illegal.

Apparently they are absolutely sure that the anthrax scientist was guilty and would have been found so if the case went to trial, just like the ones at Guantanamo.

Apparently McPow's camp is pushing the idea that Barack Obama is indeed the Antichrist. Watch the video, I literally have no words after watching that. Of course his camp also likes to claim that Obama is out of touch with ordinary Americans, if ordinary are the senile velcro wearing old timers who love watching Larry King and reruns of Matlock.

Finally, so you don't get with your pants down and the look of shock on your face, the Red Sox may be adding Brian Giles to their team if the waiver move goes through.

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