Monday, August 18, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 08.18.08

Good morning everyone, welcome to the last week with football that doesn't count. Tonight is a big night for my brethren and I, the two most surprising teams from last season (Giants and Browns) face off against each other in Monday Night football. The funny thing about it is we do the exact same thing during the regular season, just in Cleveland instead of Jersey.

Of course the big news right now is that Bush's lil leader has resigned. I wonder who were going to decide to lead Pakistan, it may be Bush's last big decision.

You know you have to wonder about someone who would fatally shoot someone in front of his three children.

John McPOW apparently didn't abide by the rules set forth at the mega church debate. People still wonder how I could question McCain's integrity after, oh I don't know, proving he has none time and time again.

Sony is beginning to rebound a bit and start catching up on 360. I for one just wish all games were available for all platforms, this MGS4 only on PS3 thing BS.

So much for a boycott as Zoolander, Kung Fu Panda, Maverick and Iron Man teamed up to take down the Dark Knight from its number one slot.

Ellen DeGeneres continued to defy odds by Portia De Rossi this weekend in California. I must say, I never though Ellen was 50, she doesn't look it.

The withdrawal isn't the surprising part in this Russia and Georgia escapade. It's the fact that it is a French-brokered peace deal that is the surprising thing. Still taunting during the Olympics while you're country is at war is freakin awesome, love this Georgian.

This may not be a popular opinion, but I love watching tasers; and it makes my heart swell to see that in Houston they're not going anywhere anytime soon. The MAJORITY of the time when a taser is used is when the suspect is resisting arrest, so even if these folks were innocent of crimes they still resisted an officer, hence why they were tasered.

First you have the story of a woman surviving a 100 foot crash in her car. Then you come to find out, who saved them from a toasty death. I don't know about you, but this lady has my vote in November.

Now here's a gentlemen who should have thought things through before he acted out. You're a pro-sovereignty group and you've never been to the Palace? Really? Wow.

I know Obama just picked up some votes here in the greater Houston area.

I'm done with Nancy Pelosi as she has become everything people accused Hilary of being for all those years. I can't think of one substantial thing she promised to do or not do that she has kept. Oh yes, they came in like an out of control wildfire, for about three days and then it was back to the same old bullshit.

I cannot understand why the Olympics have this hatred for softball and baseball. The US may be dominate in Softball, but it isn't in baseball, teams qualify so why all the hubbub against a game that unifies much of the world?

Finally, I couldn't go to this, but Craig Biggio's number was retired across the street yesterday. I grew up a huge fan of Biggio, in my mind a sure fire hall of famer for his ability to play any position, and this is a great honor and well deserved. Congrats Mr. Biggio.

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Dews said...

Pretty sure the only place Pervez will be missed will be right here in DC...

Maybe this is a sign of actual Democracy in Pakistan! Or another brutal orthodox Islamic caliphate in retaliation for years of US meddling...

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

There are spots for four (new) sports at the 2012 London Olympics. Although I love baseball and softball, I don't think they have enough worldwide following to be Olympic sports. Personally, I'd like to see rugby (union) and golf added. Rugby and golf should be at the 2012 games because 1) they are two of the UK's national sports and 2) they are played by people worldwide. Can you imagine Tiger going for Olympic gold? That would put this Ryder Cup crap to shame.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

North America, South America and Asia play baseball, is three continents not enough? Only Asia, North America and Europe do gymnastics.

I'd like Golf, but I don't see golfers giving up a pay check to win a gold medal, unless Tiger wasn't competing.

I'd like to see Rugby, but even fewer places play it then baseball. Pretty much only former UK places.

Now if we want to talk about kickball or bocci being added...

SayHey Kid said...

The announcment about baseball being eliminated from the Olympics is what sparked the MLB to have their own World Baseball Championships.

Kickball in the Olympics? Manbunters....UNITE!!!

Dews said...

Manbunters, bah...

I enjoy singing "Half the Man I Used to Be" when jackasses do that. Followed up by plenty of references to how proud their mother must be, and how nobody can tell its a compensatory gesture afterall...