Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Java & Fish Wrap 08.19.08 Brunch Edition

Yeah, it was a tough night last night. There were some bright spots and need to remember that though only our fullback on the starters seemed to be able to catch the ball, Braylon Edwards was not playing and that changes how defenses are run against us. Shaun Rodgers was not in the middle of the D, which did well when they weren't giving up 93 yards in penalties in the first quarter. Yes, now things get interesting with DA out this week and Saint Quinn starting his first game. I'm just glad we found some receivers who can catch and make plays in Syndric Steptoe and Lance Legget. Hell, give them some playing time with the starters and will someone please cut Travis Wilson already?

As you've already seen from us this morning, the Veep speculation is in full force in the media right now. The man who wins will be the man who names Michael Phelps VP.

If you ever need more proof that our teachers aren't being paid enough...

College Presidents are all for lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. This will help dews in the future as he will no longer have to sneak MoDews into bars and won't have to check IDs as much.

Lucky for us if John McCain becomes President we'll never be considered rich.

It's nice to see Obama having a spine when McCant plays the FoxNews doesn't love America card. It's also nice to see that the VFW didn't receive McCain as warmly as he expected since he hasn't really been supporting veterans benefits these last few years.

It is being reported that within a week we shall know Obama's choice for VP. I hope it is Sebelius as she is a Democrat, who keeps Democratic values in a very blue state. For more about this amazing woman go ahead and check her out.

Detroit's political landscape is beginning to feel like a daytime soap storyline. Of course if you mixed in California and it might be a Sorkin NBC show.

I always did enjoy Roseanne and her show, Star Spangled Banner not withstanding.

Morpheus is apparently jacking into CSI and using those philosophical ramblings to figure out who the real killer is, I mean after all, he did find the one.

With all the arguments about illegal immigration, this story has a great ending.

Finally, it seems the Bengals will never learn their lesson about troubled players.

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