Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pampered News

(The COOLEST dog ever...)
Ok, so I see the challenge, I'll come back and contribute since the good Doctor Gonzo and CityCat are enjoying the beach (Thank you again Jack for the pics by the way...).

I can't be too jealous of the good Doc, since I did spend the entire weekend getting pampered on the company dime afterall... Swanky Hotel at Times Square, complete with on-site masseuse (of course), and plenty of places to grab a vodka martini or four (I have good tastes). The "courtesy bar" bill did run kinda high with the 8 dollar cashews that I HAD to have, but I digress... It was all covered afterall :)

Anyway, the BIG news of the weekend is the announcement that they are currently in production for "Cowboy Bebop" as a live action movie. I'm really not sure how the rest of the LSWTF crowd will take this news, but I know both myself and MoDews are beyond excited for this movie to be released (afterall, it is the only reason why I absolutely have to get a Corgie once I move to the relative "country" surroundings of Virginia).

Anyway, far more to be coming this week as the gauntlet has officially been thrown and all, so I'll be more then willing to answer the calling :)

That is all...

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