Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Pancake Battered Deep Fried Hot Dog

[11:17] Steve: im hungry
[11:19] Steve: i don't know what to eat
[11:20] Austin: pancake wrapped hot dogs!
[11:20] Steve: hahaha
[11:21] Austin: pancake battered deep fried hot dogs?
[11:21] Steve: haha because thats possible
[11:21] Austin: i don't see why it couldn't be?
[11:22] Austin: you've got a pot
[11:22] Austin: and we can find oil
[11:22] Austin: it would be incredibly dangerous
[11:22] Austin: but possible
[11:22] Austin: oh man
[11:22] Austin: they'd be like sweet/savory corn dogs
[11:22] Austin: LET'S DO IT!
[11:22] Steve: this is a terrible idea
[11:22] Austin: hahaha
[11:23] Austin: nooooo
[11:23] Steve: do you have oil?
[11:23] Austin: not nearly enough to deep fat fry hot dogs
[11:24] Steve: seriously
[11:24] Steve: this is the dumbest thing we've done in awhile
[11:24] Austin: ?
[11:24] Steve: health wise, safety wise
[11:24] Austin: you're considering it?
[11:24] Steve: ...i want to do it now
[11:24] Austin: this is going dangerously further than i had intended

And thus...the pancake battered deep fried hot dog was born.

Ingredients: Old frozen hot dogs, Bisquick Pancake Mix, Egg, Milk, lots of hot corn oil.

Condiments: Vermont Pure Maple Syrup, Ketchup, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce

I had 8 leftover hot dogs from a 5 dollar 30 pack from Shaw's (what a deal!). We started by thawing them out in the microwave.

Next step was to dredge the dogs in some of the pancake mix, we didn't want any of the batter slipping.

The batter coated surprisingly well...

Hot delicious oil

Golden fried fatness

We found that the best to way accompany these heart stoppers was with the Vermont maple syrup. These are after all, half pancake. They tasted like a hot dog wrapped in fried dough with a slight pancake aftertaste. That really doesn't do it justice because it was basically the most delicious thing in the entire world.

Ketchup gave these guys more of a corn dog taste while the bbq sauce was nice contrast to the sweet of the maple syrup.

All in all I think this experiment ended up costing us less than 10 dollars.

Its now been 4 hours sense I consumed the dogs and I can truthfully say that I feel awful and ashamed...but I would do it again no question.

For more photos CLICK HERE


SayHey Kid said...

Your are a God among us mortals.....I think you need to pitch this idea to the good folks at Sonic

Dews said...

I love the subtle Catamounts Logo in the picture too.

Making UVM PROUD!!! :)

Steve said...

I do what I can.

We still haven't fully recovered

Nanamoviegal said...

I grew up eating something very similar, served on a stick and dipped in sweet hot bbq sauce. Kwickies, they were called and served in a small mom and pop local eatery here in Missouri. They have since gone away and are sorely missed!!!!

Kerry Siddhartha said...

I know this thread is years and years old but wtf? pancakes & hotdogs? MAYBE SAUSAGE LINKS MIGHT TASTE BETTER WITH PANCAKE BATTER & SYRUP?- HELLOOOO!

Kelly Carl said...

I agree, sausage links would be better with the pancake mix batter

Donalda Johnson said...

lmao! this is awesome..... i actually had this idea one night when i couldnt find cornmeal in my pantry. We cooked it up and my kids absolutely loved it!! we are having it again tonight and i was just trying to find a batter recipe when i came across the link to this site!

Don Wright said...

Just because pancakes are breakfast food doesn't mean you have to be locked into sausages. I think I will have to try both. And some oreos maybe, or a devil dog or twinkie. Maybe a snickers bar or reeses cup. I'm gonna end up in the ER.

Quentin Edwards said...

What if i dont have eggs?