Tuesday, September 16, 2008

College Football Top 25 Week Three

1. USC Trojans (2-0)
beat Ohio St 35-7
Is there any doubt of who is leading the pack in college football right now? Hell, we've seen some great USC teams in the past, but have any played this good out of the gate as this team has? This defense is for real and very well could stop some NFL offenses right now, at least the Chiefs. There may be nothing in the way to stop USC from the National Title.

2. Georgia Bulldogs (3-0)
beat South Carolina 14-7
A tough game for the Bulldogs, they come out barely alive, but with the victory. Where USC looked like Supermen, Georgia looked human and Spurrier almost became upset special this week. Luckily the Bulldogs stay undefeated and still become the eventual losers to USC.

3. Missouri Tigers (3-0)
beat Nevada 69-17
Most people may have blown this off, but Nevada has been known in the past to surprise a few teams. This week though was not one of those weeks. Missouri appears to put everything together, and the wheels are churning now as we get closer to conference play.With that amount of talent the Big 12 has this year, you almost have to give it to Missouri over Georgia if they go undefeated.

4. Oklahoma Sooners(3-0)
beat Washington 55-14
An impressive win by the Sooners, but they faced an emotionally drained Washington team that had everything taken from them when they lost a heartbreaker to BYU last week. When Oklahoma starts conference play, THEN we'll see if this team is as good as billed.

5. Florida Gators (2-0)
beat Miami 26-3
Florida gets the benefit of moving up because teams above them lost, and or played so horribly that they were moved down, ie see Tigers, Auburn. This team hasn't impressed me too much yet as it seems to still be the Tim Tebow show and as we saw last year that show won't win you a National Title.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0)
beat Western Kentucky 41-7
I though Nick Saban was a year away from having the recruits he wanted to make his big push of taking over the SEC once again. Apparently he isn't going to wait and neither are his Freshmen, as they plan and look like they can dominate the SEC for years to come.

7. BYU Cougars (3-0)
beat UCLA 59-0
All I can think of when I see this score is how do you like that, grasshopper! It's no secret that I despise Rick Neuheisel and believe for his past transgressions he should be banned from coaching in college football. That being said, if he allows himself to get spanked by this by the Mormon Cougars, keep him coaching. Watching Neuheisel get beat like this will always bring a smile to my face.

8. Auburn Tigers (3-0)
beat Mississippi St 3-2
Since I was trying to survive due to Hurricane Ike I have no idea how this came about and can only assume this was due to inclement weather. If not, if the game really was just that sloppy, jimminy fucking christmass, they both should be in Conference USA.

9. Texas Longhorns (2-0)
beat UTEP 42-13
This week's game against the Razorbacks was moved to September 27th due to Hurricane Ike. They finally move into the top ten, but as we all know it's due to teams losing then anything else.

10. South Florida Bulls (3-0)
beat Kansas 37-34
This was the last game I was able to watch before hell was unleashed upon Southeast Texas. What a wonderful game, I didn't think South Florida had it in them to come back and edge out a victory, but what a phenomenal game. It will now be interesting to see if South Florida can run the table. The toughest game, maybe their only tough game, left on their schedule is West Virginia at the end of the year.

11. LSU Tigers (2-0)
beat North Texas 41-3
Not gonna lie, still not impressed with LSU. They've played Appalachin State and North Texas. A lower division school and Texas' version of Florida International. Yes, they've beaten both soundly, but that's what you're SUPPOSED to do. They're not going anywhere until I see a win of importance, and that could come this Saturday against Auburn.

12. Wisconsin Bagers (3-0)
beat Fresno State 13-10
A tough hard fought victory over the Bulldogs leave the Badgers undefeated, for the moment. I won't lie, I didn't think Wisconsin could beat Fresno State and if I would have taken the point line I would have been right if memory serves. I still don't see them lasting very long in the top 25 when conference play comes around.

13. Ohio State Buckeyes (2-1)
lost USC 35-7
Offensively this team may have nothing without Beanie Wells, who is known to be fragile. Defensively we've seen more of the defense that played in last year's title game, and the year before, then the defense we all expected them to have. At least we know one thing for certain, the Buckeyes aren't making a third trip to lose the title game this year.

14. Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-0)
beat SMU 43-7
The Big 12's version of Boise State completely rolled SMU as it attempts to come back from the NCAA death sentence. They look impressive, and have played average teams, but it still needs to translate into beating the big boys of the Big 12.

15. East Carolina Pirates (3-0)
beat Tulane 28-24
No team has helped its future with their scheduling more then East Carolina did this year. They've knocked off top teams, and where they looked a big shaky this week, it can only be expected when you lower a level and have to play Tulane instead of a team like the Hokies.

16. Penn State Nittany Lions (3-0)
beat Syracuse 55-13
I'm assuming the JoePa is no fan of Keats as he appears to be going out with a bang and not with a whimper. Penn State just continues to destroy people, and don't think that the voters won't hold back in Penn State begins to do it in the Big Ten. You know the writers and coaches are a bunch of softies and would love to put JoePa in the title game in likely his last year as coach.

17. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (2-0)
beat Mississippi 30-28
Having a bye after that tough game versus Ole Miss may be the best thing for the Demon Deacons. It gives them a chance to prepare for the Seminoles, heal their injuries, and begin that long journey through ACC play.

18. Vanderbilt Commodores (3-0)
beat Rice 38-21
You're probably wondering to yourself, what in the same hell is Vanderbilt doing at 18?! Well, for one thing they have DJ Moore, who could be the first defensive player in years to get serious consideration for the Heisman. They beat South Carolina 24-17, the team that just took the number two team in the nation to the limit, and no one is paying attention to them. If they beat Ole Miss, people's ears may perk up. If they beat Auburn, you better believe Georgia and the rest of the SEC are going to be paying attention.

19. Kansas Jayhawks (2-1)
lost South Florida 37-34
A tough loss for the Jayhawks against the Bulls this week. One thing that did stand out to me is the msot under-rated Quarterback in the country may be Todd Reesing. The kid knows how to play the quaterback position the way it was meant to be play. You can tell this kid is a leader, never gives up, and that you're always in the game because of him. You know, the exact opposite of Todd Boeckman.

20. Utah Utes (3-0)
beat Utah State 58-10
Another week, another impressive victory for the Utes. Joe Pesci's favorite team continues to do well, as does the top teams in the Mountain West. With Utah, TCU and BYU it may not be long before the Mountain West and the WAC form a big 12 team conference and kick the Big East out of being a "BCS Conference".

21. Oregon Ducks (3-0)
beat Purdue 32-26
You know how the SEC needs to keep a close eye on Vanderbilt? The same can be said about Oregon and the Pac 10. I don't know what it is about Oregon, but this team could be one of those teams that is quiet all year long until you realize it's week 10 and they haven't lost a game yet. Then again they have USC at the beginning of October.

22. Florida State Seminoles (2-0)
beat Chattanooga 46-7
I won't lie, Bobby could be pulling a run very much like JoePa is doing in the Big Ten. The difference is Bobby has a much tougher road then JoePa, as weird as that sounds. Wake is probably better then any Big Ten team, and they still have Florida at the end of the season. I won't lie, how great of a story would it be to see Bobby vs JoePa for the title in their final season.

23. Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-0)
beat New Mexico State 38-7
Though there is no love for Nebraska, they have managed to start 3-0 and have their new coach which could make things interesting. Their first real test is their next game against Virginia Tech, which will have people paying attention or make Noodle very happy.

24. TCU Horned Frogs (3-0)
beat Stanford 31-14
Don't look now, but the MWC now has three teams in the top 25, the WAC has zero. Then again if Boise pulls the upset over Oregon next weekend that could change, but it is still impressive. TCU has just been playing solid football and have worked hard to get into the top 25.

25. Illinois Fighting Illini (2-1)
beat Louisiana Lafayette 20-17
It's been a rough road since week one for the Illini, but they have fought and scratched and have won their next two. If it wasn't for Penn State, I'd say that this was a wide open conference. Iowa is a very quiet 3-0, but Illinois still has the firepower to make some noise and if Penn State can't keep up their pace, Illinois may be able to steal away the Big Ten.

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SayHey Kid said...

I would love to see FSU play Penn State in a bowl game, but I doubt it will be Bobby Bowdens last season.

trAlso, its true that FSU hasn't had much competition this season. However, Chattanooga QB Tony Pastore is pretty solid and for FSU to shut him down gives us fans something to chear about come Saturday vs. Wake.