Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dews Thursday Round-up

I will get to the news of the day, but I thought I might lead off with a little run-down of the random goings on and wisdom I've had the chance to pickup along the way...

Things Dews has learned on his time away from the blog:
1. Some people do not know that you shouldn't flush paper towels.
2. If you are from New England make it very clear that you are not a Pats fan when talking sports in DC (if you really aren't), as your chances with women drop dramatically if you do not make that clear.
3. Non-Dairy creamer is EXTREMELY flammable/combustible.
4. Micheal Barret was the catcher the Cubs dealt to the Padres (thanks MoDews).
5. Be sure to collect all 10 Planned Parenthood "Protect yourself from John McCain" condoms as they make excellent conversation pieces at parties.
6. God hates the San Diego SUPER Chargers now (probably because they live/play in paradise) and has moved on from hating the Saints.
7. Air mattresses are surprisingly comfortable.

Now then, on with the news...

Morgan Stanley may sell a large stake of its holdings to China, thus continuing our rapid slide into "has-been" superpower:

Morgan Stanley, the second-biggest independent U.S. securities firm, may sell a
larger stake to China Investment Corp. and is in talks about a possible merger with Wachovia Corp., a person familiar with the matter said.

Morgan Stanley pared its loss on the New York Stock Exchange after the person said China's state-controlled fund may buy as much as 49 percent of the New York-based investment bank. The person declined to be identified because the talks aren't public and may end in no agreement.
This is going to get far far worse before it gets any better I'm afraid...

Josh Howard proves just how clean-cut and bright those wonderful folks in the NBA are while at a Charity function with this wonderful nugget of info from Josh Howard:

In a video posted on YouTube, the swingman is shown at Allen Iverson's charity
flag football game in July. When the national anthem is being sung, various participants are shown mugging for the camera. When the camera gets to Howard, he says: " 'The Star-Spangled Banner' is going on. I don't celebrate this [expletive]. I'm black."
I think we see the next player's labor leader here. Truly an outspoken and underutilized orator for the ages.

And finally an interesting proposal from the same guys that brought you "Freakonomics", a proposal to tax sexual activity:

I'll give them this, its a solid logical argument, but having said that, I sure as hell wouldn't be voting for any politician supporting any such thing. I have my reasons.

That is all.

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