Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Five Card Draw 9.23.08

Because of McSame and his jackals have set us onto this road with the economy and the amount we're gonna spend on bailouts, Obama may have to delay his proposed spending plans if/when he gets elected. You gotta love those who believe we should be a totally free market...until things crash and then become welfare creatures themselves.

Governor Palin is in New York City to "improve her foreign credentials". Apparently talking to US appointed leaders and Bono will help her accomplish this. Actually I would love to be in the room when Bono questions Palin, or is that going to be preset as well?

Looks like we're gonna have an exciting new Supreme Court case in the coming months. Let's see if this gets any mainstream attention before the election.

While the FBI was searching a Volunteers dorm room, hackers striked back and hack Papa Bear O'Reilly, who had been furious over Palin's hack for days now.

Finally, we know a certain song was being played repeatedly last night at the LSWTF house, but here are a few reasons that Brett Favre came back.

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