Tuesday, October 7, 2008

LSWTF Live Presidential Debate Chat

Tonight we have a HUGE crowd to talk about what no doubt is going to be a train wreck…

JackGonzo: Welcome to the LSWTF live chat of the second Presidential Debate

maybe to be called Return of the Living Dead Necropolis

SayHey: John McCain = Kimbo Slice

JackGonzo: brought to you by white russian in a Stewie Go To Hell Glass

Dews: glad to be in on this one gentlemen

8:00 PM JackGonzo: nice to see we could pull you away from Rock Band long enough for you to join

SayHey: As usual, I am beverageless

JackGonzo: Apparently the town hall meeting...wait...80?! try 8 voters in the hall

Dews: and ladies, my miste


ah yes, slow evening to

8:01 PM JackGonzo: I think I'll have more people in my place tomorrow night

SayHey: To be honest, im shocked your alive

JackGonzo: Who said he is, McCain isn't the only living dead with us tonight

Dews: I kind of am too

JackGonzo: Quick question, how does the South always get the debates?

8:02 PM Stefan has joined

JackGonzo: didn't they lose?

Stefan: Hey everyone

SayHey: Hey man

Dews: best bumperstick ever seen in Boone NC, "North 1, South 0... Halftime"

JackGonzo: Thank you for your opinion Brokaw that you think the questions are Excellent

Dews: welcome aboard

8:03 PM JackGonzo: We have a nice crowd with us tonight, hell we may have more people in this chat then in this hall

SayHey: This is true

JackGonzo: and Obama should have front kicked then overhand right to McCain to start out

SayHey: Cheap shot in the gut

Dews: we were thinking Obama should have given McCain a high five

JackGonzo: wait...we can send a question in?

8:04 PM SayHey: Obama should have given him a "syyyke"

JackGonzo: It's Kojack!

SayHey: Where is his lolipop


JackGonzo: McCain took it with his Medicare

8:05 PM Dews: was the damn AARP when they sold their soul an screwed us all with the Prescription drug benefits bill

SayHey: Look at that indi spike

JackGonzo: which channel is everyone watching?

Dews: I'm on CNN

SayHey: Me to

Stefan: I'm streaming on hulu

SayHey: Even the red spiked

PhillyFan: just switched to cnn

JackGonzo: so far best audio is on abc

Stefan: Which looks like it may be the same as nbc

8:06 PM Dews: some massive delay between HD and regular signals, like moreso then usual

JackGonzo: nah started on nbc, but abc is much louder

Stefan: Oh, town hall dig at Obama

JackGonzo: did mccain thought he just got a dig in on Obama?

SayHey: Nobody got it

Nice one, old guy

8:07 PM JackGonzo: is this the bald men section?

wanted mccain to feel at home

PhillyFan: Apparently

SayHey: And he voted for that debt

JackGonzo: is that kid in the bald men section old enough to vote?

Dews: hypnotised by the damn heart monitor

JackGonzo: wait...the heart monitor is a flat line, he's killed em

8:08 PM Stefan: It's only actually $700 billion a year if you count Canada as a "country that doesn't like us" and "overseas"

SayHey: Im waiting for him to sit on Alans lap and kiss him on the forehead

PhillyFan: Once again, huh Dews? I'm glad I switched to CNN

SayHey: Nestle him tightly and tell him everything will be ok

JackGonzo: you know it...but what is it?

Stefan: And that isn't actually federal money he's talking about, it's private oil purchases.

MrSanDiego: McCain states the obvious

restore the economy. Ok, how


8:09 PM SayHey: 0-2 in the zing department

JackGonzo: Jokes...ur doin it rong

Stefan: Stall for time

MrSanDiego: oh look

Stefan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meg_Whitman

MrSanDiego: McCain trying to take Warren Buffet from the Obama Cabinet

We can EBay the country


James: LOL... I was wondering why my computer was blowing up down here!

JackGonzo: yeah, the ebay lady...GREAT choice insert eye roll here

8:10 PM James: Hey everyone

Dews: sell it all!

MrSanDiego: Yay. Put Palin in Charge of that.

JackGonzo: Good Evening

Dews: wow, we have the overseas contingent in now

PhillyFan: Hello

James: I just switched on... how much have I missed

Dews: Easter Islands represented now?

SayHey: Drink


PhillyFan: Thats the other James

JackGonzo: I think Kojack is in the bald men section

Dews: ahh, my mistake

Stefan: Playing the politico drinking game Eric?

SayHey: Sure am!

Stefan: Excellent

8:11 PM SayHey: I just wish I had some booze

But Dews drank it all up last night

Dews: I never touch the stuff

PhillyFan: Same here...mine is gone

SayHey: Ahhh

Stefan: Obama only mentioned one person on that last question, and briefly.

JackGonzo: PhillyFan is still feeling conflicted about the Phillies making it to the NLCS, the Eagles losing to the Skins, and Flyers losing to the Devils

MrSanDiego: Politics time

not sorts


PhillyFan: Phillies World Series Champs

JackGonzo: Taye Diggs is in the house!

8:12 PM SayHey: Greed an access?? *cough cough Keating 5

MrSanDiego: Greed Greed

Dews: drink!

MrSanDiego: McCain knows about that

SayHey: His suspended campaign is such an epic fail

JackGonzo: is he starting to look hunched over?

SayHey: I wonder if anyone with a brain buys unto it

MrSanDiego: McCain is wondering how a Muslim got in the audience

James: starting?

JackGonzo: Obama isn't old enough to have cronies

Stefan: Lets see how well McCain can explain the role of the big institutions named like southern girls in this whole crisis.

Dews: its called the MidWest

PhillyFan: He has already aged...just wait four years

MrSanDiego: because aren't all black Americans...


8:13 PM Dews: communists?

like Northern VA?

JackGonzo: Fannie and Freddie sitting in a tree...

MrSanDiego: Only in our neighborhood Dews

SayHey: McCant is fiesty tonight

JackGonzo: got a shot of horse steroid before the debate

SayHey: Uhm, Oliver asked the question

Not Alan

Stefan: He's saying the bailout involves buying individual's mortgages and letting them stay in their homes?

JackGonzo: this farce fire?

8:14 PM Dews: yea, we're letting them keep their homes... riiiiight

JackGonzo: so we have Taye Diggs, Kojack...who's next?

SayHey: ZING

Dews: oh snap!

MrSanDiego: bring it

8:15 PM oh snap

that rates two

Dews: too many uhhhs

SayHey: Yeh

JackGonzo: another youngster who doesn't look old enough to vote...and

he looks like a member of the Hitler Youth

MrSanDiego: uh oh

McCain angry

SayHey: McCant is ready for a rant

MrSanDiego: McCain smash

Dews: ahh, beat me too it

MrSanDiego: arrrghh!

8:16 PM SayHey: raaaaarrrrr

MrSanDiego: he is pacing

JackGonzo: McCain crush puny Dem

SayHey: Yeh........bad body language

MrSanDiego: oh hahaha

no chance for McCai nto respond

8:17 PM Dews: he's gonna stay pissed

JackGonzo: Brokahw kills the heartbeat every time he speaks

MrSanDiego: Tom Brokaw gotcha McCain

SayHey: Rant time

Stefan: As much as I'm biased, Obama is sounding good tonight. Better than the first debate, I think.

JackGonzo: Yes he is

Dews: he is much more on point and direct

SayHey: He sounds sharp

JackGonzo: I think he's feeling more confident, and it's showing

Dews: still a few too many long "Ands" and "uhhs"

MrSanDiego: who ever told McCain he looks comfortable in this format

8:18 PM Stefan: That was a good explanation of how wall-street firms in trouble can directly cost people jobs in small towns.

SayHey: Apparently his campaign folks said that

JackGonzo: then why do ship jobs to china and india?

Stefan: "as it turns out?"

JackGonzo: is it bad that we're not even 20 minutes in and my drink is almost gone?

SayHey: Not bad at all

James: she had to read that?

8:19 PM Stefan: What words are you drinking on?

JackGonzo: LMAO

MrSanDiego: oh no it is Palin in disguise

JackGonzo: I. CAN'T. READ!

SayHey: What words is he not drinking on?

Thats the question

Dews: wait, is he telling Americans to cut back and make sacrifices?

that shit doesn't fly here sir

it is NOT our fault

JackGonzo: this is true, throat feels dry and a white russian wets it

SayHey: I blame Iraq

Stefan: Admittedly, the surpluses were the doing of a republican congress...

MrSanDiego: keep hitting on ole W

Dews: I blame Clinton

8:20 PM somehow its Clinton's fault

MrSanDiego: poor George

SayHey: I blame Vermont

PhillyFan: jhf


SayHey: LOL

Dews: haha, them to

PhillyFan: Sorry, that was the kitten

MrSanDiego: and Canada

Dews: damn flip heads

SayHey: And those uncle fuckers

MrSanDiego: haha

James: yeah, I think Canada should bail us out!

Stefan: Nice! Higher education as a key point up there with health care.

MrSanDiego: spend and cut


James: there's the answer

JackGonzo: oh, good news Stef...the demon cat is getting de-clawed after he attaked CityCat in the face

MrSanDiego: and we do magic

8:21 PM JackGonzo: we can't do magic, they prayed to protect Palin from witchcraft!

Dews: Warshington, drink!

James: "across the aisle"



PhillyFan: Ok I really need a drink

Dews: Lieberman ISN'T across the aisle

James: drink

Dews: he's a damn whore

MrSanDiego: lieberman isn't across the aisle

8:22 PM JackGonzo: no no, he reached AROUND Liberman

MrSanDiego: he is halfway up McCains crack

Stefan: I heard. And while I'm really relieved that she's okay, I'd like to go on the record as having said he's an attack cat about 5 years ago.

James: Citizens Really Against Politicians CRAP

SayHey: Wait, wasnt thatr the bailout??

MrSanDiego: uh oh

Dews: is it me, or is McCain losing his breath?

MrSanDiego: McCain is brain Failing

SayHey: Oh damn, education??? BAD

JackGonzo: is that Shannon Dougherty?

8:23 PM MrSanDiego: malfunction

SayHey: McCant needs a reboot

Dews: he's breathing heavy

JackGonzo: Fuckin a we need to spend money on a Planetarium

Stefan: To be fair, that litany of large numbers is something that is going to sound really scary to undecided voters.

SayHey: Rather that than a bridge to nowhere

MrSanDiego: got to keep the slaves making the money

James: drilling off-shore for nuclear power!

Dews: really getting disturbed by his heavy breathing

JackGonzo: shut up tom

SayHey: No No, nucular

8:24 PM James: oh yeah, I forgot palin

MrSanDiego: McCain has a heartattack right here and Palin takes over the race

James: nucular

MrSanDiego: it is a conspiracy

Dews: Tina Fey?

"Both coach"

SayHey: McCant isnt programmed to multi-task

JackGonzo: buh buh blah?

wtf is he talking about?

MrSanDiego: what he say?

James: "across the aisle"


SayHey: He is loioping

8:25 PM MrSanDiego: lets go back 20 years now

JackGonzo: to and then and Ronald Reagan

MrSanDiego: back to the future

Dews: ohh, the Actor?

MrSanDiego: wooot 80s are in again

SayHey: Rondal Reagan, the president??

Er, the actor?

JackGonzo: what time period of the 80s?

either way, the Browns will be a playoff team!

SayHey: haaaah

MrSanDiego: Lay down the law Tom

8:26 PM Stefan: Good call checking the local gas price before the debate

JackGonzo: wait...wass national security on the wrong side of the drinking game?

Dews: yea, good homework

SayHey: Yeh, doing his homework

MrSanDiego: Obama remembers numbers better

JackGonzo: Obama remembers his name and where he lives better

MrSanDiego: I wonder when the last time was that either of these guys actually pumped gas for themselves

8:27 PM JackGonzo: McCain has ever pumped gas?

Dews: Obama drives a Hybrid

Stefan: He actually under-stated it, I think

SayHey: McCant hasnt even cut a check for his healthcare.......I doubt he has ever pumped his own gas

8:28 PM Stefan: www.fuelgaugereport.com/TNmetro.asp has it as an average of $3.667 today for regular gas.

JackGonzo: $3.19 here today


MrSanDiego: can't they jsut drop the mics and throw down

SayHey: Principal Tom

JackGonzo: No one likes you anymore

Dews: was too busy getting poked with a stick overseas...

Ohhh Tom you jokester

MrSanDiego: MMA style

Stefan: They're doing internet questions?

James: your first child


SayHey: Dana Carvey is going to come back to SNL to mock Tom


MrSanDiego: and he won't name one single program

SayHey: James, thats us!!!!!

MrSanDiego: bullshit he is going to eliminate that

and of course that contract is under review to go to a company in Arizona

JackGonzo: does anyone else notice that the heart monitor doesn't move that much for McCain but swells for Obama?

SayHey: He would have to be on a peyote trip to pull that off

Yeh, his monitor flatlines

PhillyFan: It did that last time too

8:30 PM MrSanDiego: yeah freeze all spending

and then the highways crumble

JackGonzo: wait, NOW he cares about Veteran Affairs?

SayHey: Bridge to nowhere

lol he killed alot of VA spending

MrSanDiego: bridge in Minnesota that fell down

JackGonzo: yes you are, Plain is your running mate

Stefan: How exactly is the president going to control when congress ammends bills?

MrSanDiego: McCain tried to screw war Vets out of benefits

James: yeah, let's flatline the bloated programs that are already in existence

MrSanDiego: he has Cindy so he doesn't need the $$$

SayHey: He did that after the invasion of Iraq

8:31 PM Cindy and her beer empire

MrSanDiego: oooh Rudie Guliani is in the hosue

Stefan: The house will put earmarks on bills in the middle of the night or whenever else it wants.

MrSanDiego: Obama is channeling Rudy

remember 9/11

he comes Gores 10 year plan

for energy

8:32 PM SayHey: There is that CNN spike

JackGonzo: you want that heart monitor to jump? Say you'd ask that the President and Congress have their salaries lowered

MrSanDiego: yeah, lets start the cuts there

SayHey: Yeh

JackGonzo: drink empty....BARKEEP!

MrSanDiego: details details

Dews: got water here....

SayHey: Damn hippies

8:33 PM MrSanDiego: have we had a Maverick yet?

SayHey: Yes

One time

MrSanDiego: oh AMericorps

good stuff

SayHey: Dews got drunk to

MrSanDiego: milk and cookies here

Stefan: Everyone got drunk.

The answer? Prohibition.

Dews: Planned economy?

8:34 PM China is having a laugh over this

SayHey: Then its back to ganster warfare..... Clint can be our Al Capone

MrSanDiego: but ther eis easy money here in DC

SayHey: Just give him a baseball bat

MrSanDiego: we wash our dishes with $100s

Dews: hell yes

us Communists in NoVa

Stefan: He just missed a good opportunity to compare the total proposed tax cut amount with the total earmark amount.

8:35 PM Dews: ah yea, good way to put it in perspective

SayHey: Nice callout

JackGonzo: did someone mention drunks?


The ageless jello joke

MrSanDiego: always with the jello

SayHey: Old people love it

Stefan: When you nail jello, it multiplies?

8:36 PM Dews: Old people like Jello

JackGonzo: have you never tried nailing jello to the wall sir? Easy as pie

MrSanDiego: why do old people like jello so much

Stefan: I need to try this with my jello.

MrSanDiego: I see a you tube video coming

Dews go make some jello

I will get a hammer

Dews: I"m on it

JackGonzo: oh stef, they did the natatonian fluid on Big Bang Theory last night

MrSanDiego: creepy voice

8:37 PM McCain is the heavy breather on the phone

SayHey: Yeh, and not touching the taxation system is going to worsen our dept

Stefan: Oh excellent, I need to go find that episode.

Dews: speaking of drunk, I need this for Gmail (side note) http://www.jossip.com/gmail-prevents-you-from-harming-yourself-while-drunk-20081007/

JackGonzo: oh, I thought he was gonna say 3,500 year old child

SayHey: Its called inflation you cranky old guy

JackGonzo: oh, you do, it's about Penny getting addicted to online gaming

SayHey: Oh Jesus Tom, STFU

Dews: he's doing a good job though

MrSanDiego: Tom is an ass

8:38 PM JackGonzo: tom kills the audience

SayHey: No, thats horseshit......A cheap shot

Dews: he's got a pretty thankless positio

JackGonzo: he's a republican backer

MrSanDiego: his questions take more than a minute to ask

Dews: he did the same to McCain before

MrSanDiego: blah blah blah

JackGonzo: good segway


SayHey: Yep

MrSanDiego: hahahaha

Stefan: Admittedly, the issue of maintaining existing tax breaks is a linguistically murky one, so McCain may have managed to be technically correct on the last question.

8:39 PM MrSanDiego: booya

JackGonzo: straight talk express wobbling like a broken tricycle

MrSanDiego: the straight talk express has an LA bus driver

Dews: there we go, playin by the rules

SayHey: Yes

Dews: good work

8:40 PM McCain shouldn't be smiling

JackGonzo: is that a Child molestor section behind obama?

MrSanDiego: he is happpy

JackGonzo: the two guys with the porn staches

MrSanDiego: because he likes everyones misfortune

8:41 PM JackGonzo: this has to be without a doubt the ugliest damn crowd I've ever seen

SayHey: Cranky!!!

JackGonzo: hehehehe WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

SayHey: Privatizing it?? Like he voted for??

JackGonzo: ladies and gentlemen, the Penguin


MrSanDiego: is that kid in the front row stoned?

Dews: Im not your friend pal

SayHey: Im not your pal, guy

JackGonzo: We need more senile actors?

Stefan: Okay, McCain's claim about Obama's taxes and small business seems to be off

SayHey: Every claim he has had has been off

8:42 PM MrSanDiego: A commssion to do nothing


actually they are running your campaign right now John

SayHey: This same phony tax claim?


JackGonzo: no, that kid fell asleep listening to the melodious sound of mccains voice

MrSanDiego: wow they bring that out

after it has been debunked

Stefan: Obama doesn't mention the figure, but the Brookings institute projects that 663,608 individually owned businesses will pay higher taxes under obama's plan

MrSanDiego: all week

SayHey: Yeh, ballsy

Stefan: And those are in the upper percentage in terms of income

SayHey: Its called Factcheck.org

8:43 PM Stefan: Much less than the 23 million McCain claims


JackGonzo: did he not get the memo that the claim was refuted during the vp debate by Senate Fantasty all star Joe Biden

SayHey: Drill.....Drill.....Drill!!!

MrSanDiego: yeah


tell you lies John

Drill baby drill!

Dews: never forget the struggle

SayHey: Pound that imagionary podium

8:44 PM JackGonzo: cause of YOUR party PAL

MrSanDiego: for the record, all environmental groups now give McCain a failing grade on his stance on key environmental issues

SayHey: But Palin said Global Warming isnt man made

JackGonzo: and look what it did to your daughter!

it's just a sign of the end of days

MrSanDiego: the FRENCH
how dare he compare us to those cowards!

8:45 PM SayHey: I swear he is taking his speech from the Jetsons

Dews: we're the best innovators, thats why we need to emulate the French....

MrSanDiego: McCain hates freedom fries

how quickly he forgets

SayHey: Thats because his doctor wont let him eat em

JackGonzo: CityCat thinks McCain is winning

MrSanDiego: red states hate the french

8:46 PM I think they are brainwashing her at work

SayHey: I think McCant's rage and anger is the reason he is losing

JackGonzo: errr not the computer, the internet

Dews: Didn't Gore invent that?

SayHey: Damnit, dont agree!

That is a proven fact

23 times

MrSanDiego: yep

8:47 PM imagine if we had started 30 years ago

Dews: like when we knew we had a problem?

Stefan: Hooray for rational analysis of drilling!

MrSanDiego: carter put solar panels on the white hosue roof

Regan took them off


SayHey: So sad

JackGonzo: what that means, is when people say drill baby drill, they aint talkin oil, they talkin bout palin

Dews: Carter knew, but he didn't have any chance to do anything

wrap it up

JackGonzo: STUF Tom

SayHey: Tom is a moron

8:48 PM MrSanDiego: China will just steal whatever technology they need

Dews: Manhattan project, yes!

MrSanDiego: really Tom, we aren't watching to see or hear you

Stefan: Wow, that's not a weighted question

JackGonzo: Stef-CityCat says-did they just say that we need a nuclear bomb to deal with an energy crisis?

SayHey: Funny, we wont have any scientists since McCant doesnt believe in Observatorys

Stefan: Should we fund a project like the one that made nuclear weapons? Or should we fund individual innovation?

8:49 PM SayHey: Answer the god damn question

Dews: and cut his mic if he goes over

SayHey: And how will we refine that oil?

JackGonzo: hell, they cut off sinatras mic

SayHey: Moron

MrSanDiego: fisrt he hates oil, then he blesses it

Dews: its the chewbacca defense

MrSanDiego: Oil is bad, I voted against it, but let's drill!

SayHey: HA HA HA

JackGonzo: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's a joker!

8:50 PM Stefan: Hmm, if we control 3% of the supply, that should sort of max out the impact we can have on the price of oil at 3%, and that's assuming we haven't ever drilled before, and immediately start drilling in all our reserves.

JackGonzo: what's wrong with her hair?

SayHey: This debate reminds me of Asshole

Stefan: And to CityKat, I think so.

SayHey: Tom, being the asshole, is dealing the cards

MrSanDiego: I think it is hard to get them to act on health care given that the elected officials get excellent health care for free

Stefan: We need weapons of mass environmental destruction.

SayHey: So he thinks its ok to take total control of this debate

8:51 PM MrSanDiego: take that away and see if the give a damn then

JackGonzo: did someone check that kid for a weapon in the front row? He looks ready to kill

MrSanDiego: waiting for someone to scream traitor

or terrorist

JackGonzo: well, they have a lot of energy stef

Dews: is that kid the Palin baby daddy?

8:52 PM JackGonzo: No, Palin's baby daddy looks like the Frat Boy Douche Bag kind of guy, you know, a date rapist

SayHey: 42 year old grandmother.........Is this the south?

Dews: ahhh, Late Night Shots crowd...

SayHey: Sebastian Janikowski!!

JackGonzo: Southern Alaska.

yes, that kind of guy

MrSanDiego: are unpregnacies covered?

8:53 PM SayHey: Lets ask Dews


Dews: uh

there was a move to block Birth Control from being covered

or the Pill rather

so Viagra would be covered, but not the Pill

8:54 PM SayHey: Can I take that 5k to Vegas?

PhillyFan: That info is on the free Planned Parenthood condom he gave me


SayHey: Roll dem bones?

JackGonzo: some things you can't legally do across state lines sucko

SayHey: Zinger

Dews: gold-plated?


8:55 PM SayHey: That is racist

Dews: not funny!

Stefan: Did he just point out that he has a gold-plated policy?

MrSanDiego: no he didn't

hair transplants

is he refering to Biden's plugs?

JackGonzo: someone give that kid some speed or something

whys dick cheney there without his glasses?

8:56 PM SayHey: Im getting annoyed with his whistled "s's"

Nice reference

JackGonzo: ohhhhhhhh nice

Dews: very good reference

8:57 PM JackGonzo: everyone sympathizes with cancer

Stefan: Okay, by back of the envelope, conservative calculations

Dews: McCain is pullng a Gore

sighing and such

SayHey: Yeh

Hurt Gore

Stefan: A 1-kiloton atomic weapon produces as much energy as 51282.05 barrels of crude oil.

SayHey: Bam!!

8:58 PM Dews: you sir, were just served

SayHey: Did I see the pimp hand?

JackGonzo: ohp, heart beats just hit the roof

SayHey: The red is sky high

Oh wait, women hah

Dews: da womenz be goin nuts yo

MrSanDiego: why is McCain making the "I've got something in my diaper" face?

SayHey: Well, old people crap themselves

Dews: haha

8:59 PM but they don't know it right?

JackGonzo: Tom is waving his hand

Stefan: Good explanation of the problem with state lines

SayHey: HAH HAH funny McCant

Dews: wtf?

JackGonzo: Ed Bagley Jr?

MrSanDiego: hehehehehe

SayHey: That nerd from Road Trip?


JackGonzo: was that Jeff Hornacek sitting in front of him?

9:00 PM SayHey: With the exceptiomn of the last 8 years

Stefan: It's possibly revealing that his first response to us acting as a "peace maker" is our military strength.

MrSanDiego: and bombed many villiages

JackGonzo: see, it was Ed http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3052/2575101251_d245f79fe6.jpg?v=1213374696

SayHey: Depends, did Rodman knock him out or break his nose?


9:01 PM Dews: I really wanna see a Nam Flashbac

SayHey: Please call this shithead out on Keating

JackGonzo: Kahsovo?

MrSanDiego: he can't even pronounce these palces correctly



this ain't Mcdonalds pal

9:02 PM SayHey: MacDonalds =)

MrSanDiego: thx

Dews: oh snap again

JackGonzo: HERE comes the Pimp Hand

SayHey: Slap........bitvh

err, bitch

JackGonzo: five fingers....



MrSanDiego: keep it all about $$$

SayHey: Another spike

MrSanDiego: push it

9:03 PM ding ding ding

JackGonzo: he looks sick to his stomach (mccain)

Stefan: They haven't had a $79 billion surplus in some time

SayHey: Why dont we just steal it?

Dews: there has got to be another country we can take that from

SayHey: We need a new country to rape

Dews: problem is using our militry is more expensive then the resources we get back immdiately

9:04 PM SayHey: Problem is, Iraq is making us pay for rape kits

MrSanDiego: uh

Stefan: Oh, good questoin

MrSanDiego: lets not do doctrines

stupid questio ntom

JackGonzo: hmmmmm interesting

Dews: why does it have to be a doctrine?

MrSanDiego: Dangerous question for both

Stefan: Leaving aside the semantics

JackGonzo: Answer should be...number one, there is no Obama doctrine...doctrines are a Bush thing

9:05 PM he won't ask both sides

SayHey: Or a Jackson thing

Dews: you'd have to consider?

Stefan: Or a monroe thing

SayHey: Both in which exploit and condemn

JackGonzo: damn, almost out of drink...again

Dews: oh yea, peacekeepers in the UN, total badasses....

SayHey: How is that Rhomulan (sp) Ale?

Dews: riiight

9:06 PM JackGonzo: tonight is White Russian

Dews: Stop with "My Friends"!!!

SayHey: McCain Doctrine = Starship Troopers

Kill em, Kill em all!!

JackGonzo: The only good bug is a dead bug!

SayHey: Thats if he lives long enough

Dews: hope you aren't drinking every time he says My Friends

SayHey: McCant kills bugs good

Stefan: Someone needs to do a youtube video of him just saying "My friends"

Dews: Clamities?

9:07 PM JackGonzo: CityCat-For the last time, I am NOT your friend McCain

Dews: are those miniature Clams?

MrSanDiego: If Patreus had done such a good job they wouldn't have needed to surge i nthe first place

JackGonzo: I don't know what his hand can infect

MrSanDiego: stop smoking his pole John

SayHey: His hero? The actor?

MrSanDiego: jeezus he keeps going back in time

Dews: Beneficially

JackGonzo: John Wayne...my hero

9:08 PM Dews: he's talkin 3 presidents ago for cryin out loud

Stefan: The same way he stood up when we were looking at invasion of Iraq and asked, "How can military force benefit this situation?"

MrSanDiego: Back in Grenada

Dews: didn't the world change on 9/11?

MrSanDiego: When I was there with Sgt. Highway

Dews: why do we need 80's references?

SayHey: He sat on his ass during that wholw Rhowanda crisis

Dews: we all did though

JackGonzo: LMAO

Dews: NAM!

9:09 PM JackGonzo: Mr.SD, I was the ONLY one to get that reference

Stefan: Wow, biased wording

JackGonzo: LOVE that movie

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

MrSanDiego: Gonzo, that is McCain's America

the America of the Keating Five

when he was flush with fatcat money

JackGonzo: He Cheated! I say he Improvised!

MrSanDiego: and didn't feel like his wifey's bitch

9:10 PM SayHey: And shooting American choppers

Dews: Isn't Obama one of dem Arabs?

JackGonzo: Ok, to be honest, I only here every tenth word or so

MrSanDiego: I don't know how I feel about a leader who correctly pronounces country names

Dews: heard something about that on the interwebs

MrSanDiego: kinda weird

like I can't trust him

9:11 PM SayHey: NO

Its Ronald Reagan

He just said it

Dews: he's obviously overqualified

JackGonzo: How many heroes do you have?

his heartbeat just dropped heavily

MrSanDiego: by the end of this debate McCain is goign to be talking about hsi old buddy George Washington

SayHey: Another 80s reference

9:12 PM Stefan: We drove the russians out of Afghanistan?

Dews: "When I crossed the Potomac with General Washington (we called him G-Wash mostly)...."

JackGonzo: Yes, using Osama Bin Laden

MrSanDiego: Joh nMcCain rode a white horse right through Kybar Pass

JackGonzo: Back when General Sherman and I burned Georgia to the ground...

Stefan: I'm just not used to it being stated so overtly :)

9:13 PM Dews: yea, that was Black-ops, we are spode be sneaky about that

MrSanDiego: what


MrSanDiego: McCain wants to negotiate with the A-rabs?! WTF?

Dews: ya? big whoop, you wanna fight about it?

JackGonzo: Yeah, they both think STFU Tom

MrSanDiego: take that bitch

JackGonzo: we agree!

MrSanDiego: STFU tom

JackGonzo: we CAN agree

9:14 PM SayHey: YES!!!!!!!!!!


Stefan: Crap, firefox crashed...lost the stream for the moment

JackGonzo: he may be somber, may not be sober

SayHey: Take that bitch

MrSanDiego: sing it

to the Beach Boys tune

Barbara Ann

SayHey: Ruined such a good melody

Dews: thats way way too pop culture for McCain

9:15 PM SayHey: McCrybaby

MrSanDiego: Lets just send in Emitt and Austin

Dews: that was a botched story

wtf was he jokin about?

JackGonzo: Then why haven't you sparky!

SayHey: I dunno

9:16 PM Dews: he's raving now

JackGonzo: Just like Kimbo Slice was gonna knock out Pink Fury

Dews: I think they need to change the batts in his head piece

9:17 PM JackGonzo: they both should take five shots prior to the debate, it is tennessee after all, home of JD

Stefan: And I'm back

JackGonzo: o.0

9:18 PM SayHey: The Repubs are in love with Petrius

JackGonzo: what does General P have to do with Afghanistan?

SayHey: Its McClarron (sp), right?

Stephen has joined

JackGonzo: because he WASN'T wrong sparky

9:19 PM Dews: we got another commie in the chat now

JackGonzo: am I the only one drinking?

I see

SayHey: I think so

MrSanDiego: questio nfro mTexas

Dews: I'm not drinking

SayHey: U of T

JackGonzo: wasn't me

Stephen: mccain makes me want to drink

Stefan: We're not going to have another cold war with russia, yes. The question was how do we make sure that happens.

JackGonzo: I would have asked a more important question

SayHey: Drink heavily

9:20 PM JackGonzo: well, yes, he's a blackbelt in judo

MrSanDiego: Dr Evil

JackGonzo: I want to see Kimbo fight Putin

SayHey: Kimbo would get broken

MrSanDiego: hahaha

he invokes the Soviet Union

JackGonzo: then lets get Brock pound Putin


9:21 PM Dews: Russia isn't allowed to behave like the US

MrSanDiego: McCain loves the idea of another cold war

Dews: only we're allowed to find reasons to invade people

MrSanDiego: it is good for business

SayHey: Obama is stumped

Dews: heart-beat monitor agrees

9:22 PM SayHey: I dont think he was expecting Cold War language

Dews: Good call from MoDews here, Obama looks like CEO Morgan from Alpha Centauri....

dunno if any of you will get that though

MrSanDiego: does Obama look tired suddenly?

SayHey: I got bored of that game 5 minutes into it

Stephen: haha nice modews

SayHey: I think he looks confussed

9:23 PM Stephen: im confused as to why we're talking so much foreign policy

SayHey: I agree

This is going to hurt

Stefan: Yeah

MrSanDiego: maybe he jsut needs to start talking about he and John McCain are both Mavericks and they...

JackGonzo: this was the only question that mccain's heartbeat was higher then obama

MrSanDiego: oh wait wrong debate

SayHey: There is the buzz word he needed to close with.....energy

Good question

JackGonzo: no, that is the new york yankees

9:24 PM Dews: wow, that question is right outta the 80's

Stefan: He missed an opportunity to differentiate himself via economic assistance, explaining how we need to make turning away from the soviet union a viable option for them.

MrSanDiego: whoa

JackGonzo: don't forget your mic sparky

MrSanDiego: keep those chops in your mouth


9:25 PM JackGonzo: Terry-fuck you Tom

Stefan: More foreign policy questions

SayHey: Nice Jack

JackGonzo: ohhhhhhhhhh a planted questionire

MrSanDiego: oh damn

SayHey: Nice pat on the back

Stefan: Wow

MrSanDiego: soft serve to McCain

Dews: bad touch!

JackGonzo: Look...Israel can defend itself, don't any of you get that?

Stephen: don't they have planes or whatnot?

9:26 PM SayHey: I do not agree fully

JackGonzo: israel probably has the second best military next to us

SayHey: They need financial assistance, bigtime

Dews: planes designed to blow up power plants

MrSanDiego: honestly if Iran attacks Israel

SayHey: Without it, they cannot fund a conscription army

MrSanDiego: I don't think we go there

JackGonzo: and they would get it if attacked

Dews: Mr. SD, we'd have to

MrSanDiego: cuz Israel is gonna nuke half the middle east

SayHey: No Mid East nation stands a chance against Israel, unless they are nuclear

9:27 PM JackGonzo: they wouldn't nuke, but they'd bomb bomb bomb iran

Dews: and somehow a nuke hits Israel with a "Made in Pakistan" label

SayHey: Boom!

MrSanDiego: Israel has a mutual destruction failsafe

SayHey: He knows nothing of Holocaust

MrSanDiego: they would take em with them

SayHey: Im sick of him using that term

JackGonzo: ok, so they both have godwined

Stefan: Obama's honoring of his service falls pretty short there

9:28 PM Stephen: yea, he should have felated him

JackGonzo: he can say what he wants,. do we know he actually is a petty officer?

*chief petty

besides, he was a seaman pft

least marines go onto the ground, not fish in the ocean

9:29 PM Dews: Semper Fi!


JackGonzo: the house is infecting Dews

as long as it's not the league of nations

Dews: was that almost a zero to hero reference?

JackGonzo: I smell BROWNIES!

9:30 PM say what?

ah, Obama's joke actually GETS a laugh

SayHey: Play the Clinton card!!

9:31 PM Dews: lets end this with a "Yo Momma" competitin between em

SayHey: LOL

"Yo mama is so nice....."

JackGonzo: What don't I know? How bout how they determine the QB rating? What about why is college football not in a playoff system? How did Tom hanks lose the Oscar after his shipwreck movie? Why is Tom Cruise such a nut? I don't know

Stefan: Did anyone get a last name on the terry guy?

SayHey: SHerry

9:32 PM Dews: don't have rewind on the small tv

SayHey: Oh yeh, your still at work?

JackGonzo: Jim Webb is sending my happy ass to college...for free...and GIVING me cash

Dews: no, no work today :)

MrSanDiego: no thanks to mccain

Dews: toughest thing I did was go from the bed to the couch

SayHey: Huh?

MrSanDiego: thanks Sen Webb

JackGonzo: You get that too right SD?

9:33 PM Stephen: so i gets mccain has no super power to see the future...

oh well

MrSanDiego: like your VP

she only knows where Russia is

SayHey: What I have learned tho, McCant has a memory like an elephant

JackGonzo: I was hoping Obama would blast McCain for his negative two minute of hate BS

MrSanDiego: cuz she can see it out her window

Dews: she can see it from her house

SayHey: Remembers the 80s like a hippy remembers the 60s

Dews: yea, damnit

JackGonzo: oh come on...Your life was NOT like Obama's

MrSanDiego: bullshit

SayHey: BAH.......his daddy was a fucking Admiral

MrSanDiego: McCain grew up sheltered

Dews: I know what its like to get poked with sharpened sticks

MrSanDiego: seriously???

9:34 PM SayHey: Yeh, cant go there

MrSanDiego: He did not stuggle

not as a child

JackGonzo: hahahahhahaha

SayHey: Moron Tom

Dews: lost old man....

someone get him his pudding

SayHey: Hofsta NY.......Happy Jack?

MrSanDiego: Tom you old fart

later all

Dews: no I meant McCain

9:35 PM JackGonzo: I'm sorry, Dews has me dying after the sticks thing


what post show reaction?

Dews: nails came out for this one

JackGonzo: she stole palin's outfit

Dews: Obama seemed to be tugging at the reactions better though

SayHey: THey love wearing blue

Dews: Obama posing with the token black guy there

SayHey: I was waiting for the peace sign

JackGonzo: that was Taye Diggs


Dews: has "some" disdain?

SayHey: Id say hatred

9:37 PM Dews: McCain is a bulldog, I'm not surprised he wouldn't shake his hand

JackGonzo: are we watching the post show talks or is this it?

Dews: I'm watching CNN one

SayHey: CNN

JackGonzo: whos the hottie?

jesus how big can their panel be?

9:38 PM SayHey: Thats half of CNN

Dews: ohhh Suzanne

JackGonzo: I'm MSNBC

Obama's tie looks purple on MSNBC

Stefan: NBC is reporting that McCain's proposal to buy up failing mortgages would cost $300 billion above and beyond the current bailout package.

JackGonzo: everyone wants a pic with him

9:39 PM Eric has left

JackGonzo: CityCat has just went off on that Stef...from here on out, no one listen to TV about what they say about this economy

9:40 PM today two pundits argued a point over what a certain thing was...it was the same thing, just called two different things

but we


9:41 PM we're out of here, thanks for joining us

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