Thursday, October 9, 2008

Round The Bend 10.09.08

Today's discussion will cover the following…

  • The MLB LCS
  • College Football really beginning
  • What McCain's next blunder will be
  • Birthdays and GI Joe The Movie

JackGonzo: Welcome to the lunchtime edition Round The Bend, not sure if it will just be Dews and myself as SayHey is busy atoning, but we shall see

Dews: Atone faster!

SayHey: I wouldnt exactly say im busy, just relaxing at home

Starving myself

7 more hours......

11:33 AM Dews: I have nothing to Atone for

JackGonzo: Puppy is not starving herself, though she is throwing up like an Olson twin

SayHey: Nah, you have lived a sin free year

Dews: haha, good call Gonzo

I have been totally sin free

JackGonzo: Sicilians believe in sin?

Dews: we're related to the folks that run that really big church in Rome

11:34 AM forget what its called now though

JackGonzo: I think Buffett bought that too

11:35 AM Anyways, as I pack and get everything ready for this weekend (while my head pounds since all I've done for 24 hours is sneeze and blow my nose) we should get to the first topic

Of course we're talking about the LCS

Dews: ahh yes

JackGonzo: Dodgers/Phillies in one of us must win

SayHey: Phillies

Dews: Dodgers

JackGonzo: Rays/Red Sox in every fan is hoping for a brawl

Dews: I can't believe a Philly team would be in the WS

that should be an excellent series

SayHey: I didnt think the Dodgers would, so its even

11:36 AM JackGonzo: I too am going Dodgers

Dews: Rays have dominated the regular season series, but who knows if the mystical playoff properties will help the Sox

SayHey: Dodgers have no lefties.........Howard and Utley will tear them up

Rays also

JackGonzo: I love Utley, Hamels and generally what the Phillies can do...they just don't have Manny or Joe

SayHey: So much momentum

Dews: Howard and Utley aren't doin anything though

JackGonzo: I'm not sure if the Dodgers need Lefties, they have experience

Dews: they're batting what, 200?

11:37 AM SayHey: Remember tho, i am biased

JackGonzo: They got youth and experience and Kuroda is the best pitcher no one is talking about

SayHey: Dodgers are the evil empire

Dews: I feel like I'm going to be the Tony Kornheiser of the group by saying this, but I"ll prolly be watching movies tonight instead of game one of NLCS anyway :)

JackGonzo: I should be too, lord knows I'd pull a Harding if I ever saw Kirk Gibson in person

11:38 AM Dews: Broxton is now officially closing now too

an he's untouchable

SayHey: Lidge was the best closer in the NL

Well........Lidge 41-41

Thats untouchable

Dews: I mean so far in playoffs

JackGonzo: Here's an interesting thought though...if it ends up Sox Dodgers, it's not just Sox vs Manny, it's Yankees Sox all over

Dews: he's been

oh yea

SayHey: Pretty much

11:39 AM Dews: except, Nomar gets a chance to stick it to em

and i Soooo want that

SayHey: Nomar, Lowe, and Manny

Dews: with Derek Lowe pitching a perfect game

JackGonzo: that or the sox and joe would both be making fun of the yankees for them being there and the yankees not

which is more likely to go seven?

11:40 AM SayHey: Rays v Sox

JackGonzo: agreed

Dews: yea

agree there too

that'll be the real world series

JackGonzo: yeah but we thought that two years ago too

SayHey: Or the series that will get all the ratings

11:41 AM Eh, Cardinals vs Tigers was kinda boring

Dews: I mean, it entirely possible that the Rays will just continue dominating them and sweep too

JackGonzo: Tigers still haven't recovered from losing that series

SayHey: No they havent

Im pulling for the Rays in the sweep

That will silence the nation

Dews: yea me too

11:42 AM SayHey: and perhaps, humble them

JackGonzo: Yes, I'd like to see the Rays win it all

SayHey: Agree

Dews: no, I'm already hearing from some of them that its "good" that the Rays are winnin and "we had our time"

the smugness is overwhelming

JackGonzo: jesus

Dews: its like an enormous cloud of smug coming from Boston

SayHey: The bubble is popping

JackGonzo: just like let the bills win, the pats had their time

11:43 AM Dews: yea exactly

JackGonzo: sorry SayHey, didn't mean to bring up the Pats

SayHey: Eh, at least we put up big numbers on them

Scared them alittle bit

We have the Eagles on Sun.....SO everyone is a Niner fan

Dews: hell yes

I'm a niner fan this week

JackGonzo: Topic two, the beginning of the real college football season, Red River Shootout...LSU Florida...Missroui OK State

11:44 AM SayHey: Westbrook is starting, but minus ribs

Dews: even I'm interested in the Red River shoot out, and I know nothing of college sports

SayHey: Florida is very weak this unimpressed

Dews: cept Purdue is really really good, I'm told...

SayHey: LSU shou.ld beat them

Dews: Texas and Oklahoma sounds like a helluva game though

SayHey: I think Texas will win the RRS, Colt is finally looking confortable and is making good plays

11:45 AM JackGonzo: LSU is HIGHLY overrated

they have not dominated a single team this year and they've played the sisters of the poor

hell, they struggled against overrated Auburn

SayHey: True, but Florida has looked mediocre at best

11:46 AM JackGonzo: But they look like can at least put up points, LSU hasn't

I think the most impressive team in the country so far has been Missouri

SayHey: I havent paid to much attention to Missouri

JackGonzo: Had a Rams like game to open the season against Illinois

11:47 AM and They have one of if not the toughest schedule in the country

Missouri Schedule

11:48 AM scratch that, thought they had OU on the schedule too

still a tough schedule

SayHey: Well, they do have a Heisman QB who only throws tds


FSU v NC State?

11:49 AM JackGonzo: What about it? It no longer interests me since Napolean RedShoes is no longer there

SayHey: Bah

11:50 AM JackGonzo: FSU should win easily

SayHey: NC Stste always has our number, but yeh, we should win

I think we lost Dews

JackGonzo: Ok, number three...what is the next big blunder McPOW is going to make after calling all of us prisoners?


11:51 AM hmm

JackGonzo: dynamite drop in monty

Dews: anytime

SayHey: Ohhh i missed that one

Dews: I think he's going too negative

SayHey: I am sick of McCants attacks

THey are mertiless

Dews: the attention he's getting for his underlings screaming out rascist crap during speeches is getting awful

11:52 AM JackGonzo: McCain: Across this country, this is the agenda I set before my fellow prisoners.

SayHey: Yeh, if I were a McCant fan id be annoyed just as much


Dews: having speakers continually drop the "Hussein" name

JackGonzo: and didn't stutter or anything, never really realized he said it

Dews: he's only putting a half-ass effort to reign that in

JackGonzo: Hussein which means Handsome

11:53 AM SayHey: I find it ironic that Obamas lead grows the more McCant speaks

Dews: the more negative, the lower the numbers

SayHey: People are sick of it

Dews: McCain just doesn't have the speaking ability to make it look like constructive criticism

SayHey: 8 years of Dubya fear mongering and now McCant

11:54 AM JackGonzo: well people remember what he said at the beginning, that he won't run a negative campaign

and realize, well he lied to us

SayHey: Yeh

JackGonzo: and this is for Dews

Jay Schroeder

SayHey: He is showing us all that he will always be a grumpy, angey, bitter old man

11:55 AM Dews: haha, thank you Gonzo

SayHey: I forgot he was a Skin

JackGonzo: First, it was sounding like The Penguin, now he's walking around like him

Dews: thats the cheney battery keeping him alive

its wedged in there pretty tight

11:56 AM SayHey: I wish Obama would go on the offensive alittle bit

JackGonzo: Though this is the best thing Jon Voight has been in in a long time

SayHey: He doesnt need to run an attack campaign, but show he has a pair

11:57 AM Dews: This just in, Dow down again

115 so far

SayHey: Nice

Everytime Paulson speaks, the dow plummets

11:58 AM Dews: special on CNN about female kickers on a High school team

visions of Kathy Ireland come to mind

JackGonzo: and, I NEED this on a shirt

SayHey: lol nice

Speaking of shirts, we need to market those, Kneel Before Zorn shirts

11:59 AM JackGonzo: oh, did you hear the uproar about a cheerleading team in the dallas area who did an execution of the other team?

Dews: whoa, no?

SayHey: Nah

12:00 PM JackGonzo:

SayHey: WOW

Dews: damn

12:01 PM JackGonzo: I personally can't wait until they waterboard the other team's mascot

SayHey: That would be......messed up

Dews: awesomeness

I like Texas

12:02 PM SayHey: Hey, dont mess with em

JackGonzo: lol I keep trying to tell you all to come on down

Dews: I wouldn't

SayHey: Once I have some money, im there

Dews: oh I still want to get down there

SayHey: I was very close to going for work next week

JackGonzo: hell, I saw a sign yesterday on the road...Don't Mess With Texas $1000 fine for littering

not to visit, but you all need to move to Texas

12:03 PM SayHey: But FEMA only needed one person, and it wasnt my task

12:04 PM JackGonzo: Final topic...fuck I'm out of ideas, I have a head cold and need to get shit ready for tomorrow. Since it is the big time birthday week with Dews early this week, SayHey's later, and Stefan's today, I guess I should wish anyone and everyone a happy birthday

It's good to know you were all conceived on Valentines Day

SayHey: Yeh, im tomorrow

Dews: Thank ya kindly Gonzo

SayHey: Yikes, 30

Dews: oh wow

I never really thought about Valentines..

12:05 PM JackGonzo: Yeah, have fun celebrating that from now on lol

Dews: haha, thats twisted, thank you sir

SayHey: Who else, but Clint

JackGonzo: What, I'm not wrong

Dews: I'll be relaxin one more night to recover, but SayHey's big weekend is coming up...

12:06 PM SayHey: Yeh, im holding on to my last day as a 20's fellow

Tomorrow, im 30


Dews: yup

JackGonzo: Yes, the first one of the three of us to hit 30, and probably the first one to have a legitimate child....still no word on Dews latest DNA test

SayHey: LOL

Dews: Rabbit didn't die!

12:07 PM har har

12:08 PM JackGonzo: not to say that this webcomic is based on anyone we know


we're just saying

SayHey: Nasty

12:09 PM Dews: wow

12:10 PM JackGonzo: The similarities are just coincidence

Dews: his hair is totally wrong

12:11 PM JackGonzo: technically it's made in canada, so that would be alter-american Dews

SayHey: Well, Vermont is Canada Jr

Dews: if anything, Canada is Vermont Jr

SayHey: Ahhh interesting

JackGonzo: Final thoughts on the weekend? Best game to watch?

12:12 PM Dews: most fun I'll have watching a game is Skins vs Rams :)

we are 14.5 point favs

SayHey: Niners v Eagles

Well, your playing the Rams

Dews: exactly

JackGonzo: I'm going with whatever Rays/Sox game that has the bench clearing brawl. Hopefully that is tomorrow night on pitch one

12:13 PM Dews: ah yea

James Shields is on the mound

JackGonzo: Start the series with a theme, high and tight

SayHey: Agreed

12:14 PM Oh, final though.........

Bull Durham 2

Its being made

Dews: utter crap

just like GI Joe will be

SayHey: With the origional cast

JackGonzo: I'll believe it when I see it

SayHey: GI Joe will be garbage, just like BD 2

JackGonzo: I mean, do any of us count Major League 3 part of the Major League series?

12:15 PM SayHey: Nahhhh

Dews: hell no

JackGonzo: I'm holding out opinion of GIJoe until I see a trailer or something

Dews: two words..... Brendan Frasier....

JackGonzo: Snake Eyes vs Storm Shawdow could make up for everything

SayHey: Its like Alien 4 of the Alien series

Dews: crap

12:16 PM JackGonzo: I mean come on, Darth Maul is Snake Eyes

SayHey: I dont even think that could save it

Dews: there are Wayan brothers in it

SayHey: Yep

JackGonzo: they don't ruin EVERY movie

Dews: Brendan Frasier + Wayans = ?

SayHey: Requim for a Dream

Dews: crap man :)

SayHey: Great, with a Wayan

12:17 PM JackGonzo: Fraiser isn't in GI Joe

SayHey: He is in it

JackGonzo: now I am gonna be sick

Dews: yea man

JackGonzo: Gung Ho?

SayHey: Yep

12:18 PM JackGonzo: but Doctor Who is playing Destro, could counter the suckfest

SayHey: And no Shipwreck

Again, i dont think that can save it

JackGonzo: wait...Brendan Fraiser is playing Gung Ho and The Mummy is playing Zartan

12:19 PM SayHey: Yeh, I noticed that to

JackGonzo: And Mr. Eko is playing Roadblock

which is awesome if he's rhyming every line

12:21 PM now, wouldn't it be worth it to see Fraiser look ridiculous like this?

12:22 PM Dews: part of me believes (having seen Frasier movies) that he gets far more enjoyment from looking ridiculous then I will in seeing it

JackGonzo: lol

12:24 PM we're done, go off and enjoy Clemson Wake Forest or Dodgers Phillies...we are out

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