Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate you, NFL

I have grown steadily more ambivalent about football for many years now.  The professional game, to me, no longer seems like a sporting event so much as a giant media spectacle.  Pardon me if I'd like football more like Rudy and (a lot) less like Any Given Sunday.

And, right now, the Pats have roared back to tie tonight's game against the hated Jets.  It's a great game.  But, I can't watch it.  It's on the NFL Network, and my cable company doesn't offer that channel unless we pay more.  So, yes, more affirmation that the NFL is quickly shifting away from promoting a sport and moving quickly towards just being a media spectacle.  Way to try to grift more money from your fans.  Good work, you bastards.

At least we have Senator Leahy (and many others) calling the NFL for its greed.

11:32 Addendum: the game is going into overtime.  Eff you NFL.

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