Friday, April 24, 2009

LSWTF NFL Mock Draft Day Away Edition

Welcome once again everyone to the LSWTF Mock Draft. I know it's been quite some time, but I don't have a desk job anymore and I find myself more distracted at home then sitting in front of a computer all day. I will tell you I've done a great deal of mock drafts in the last few months...they just never seem to go from paper to screen.

1. Detroit Lions-Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia
We should know shortly whether or not this actually happens. I'm on the fence, but I think his agent and himself will look at the market and realize he could fall out of the top ten if he isn't selected first overall, which is why I think they get the deal done today.

2. St Louis Rams-Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
I'm sure plenty of you are thinking of Jason Smith here, and you'll be shocked to see how far he falls on my list, but Monroe is the more pro-ready tackle in my opinion. He can be plugged in day one, tackle or guard, and play at a high level. He also has the benefit of former teammate Chris Long being a Ram and possibly whispering sweet nothings into the office's ear about Monroe.

3. Kansas City Chiefs-Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
He has been a rocketship this week. He's gone from the middle of the first round into a top five pick. Folks are hearing about his intensity, and how hard he plays, and blaming that for his ability to be gassed in the fourth quarter. I think it also may play into motivating Glenn Dorsey by giving him his former teammate.

4. Seattle Seahawks-Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
They let Julian go and now need his replacement and what an upgrade it is. They are always to move down as well so they could move down with a team in love with Aaron Curry say...the Patriots. They could move down with the Broncos or Jets who may or may not be in love with Mark Sanchez.

5. Cleveland Browns-Malcolm Jenkins, DB, Ohio State
Didn't see this one coming did ya? This was a popular pick late last year for the Browns and I'm bringing it back in style. I'm going with this with the idea that Edwards isn't traded, and in all likelihood that they will be trying to move down from the number 5 spot. I think they have their eye on a kid to play the outside backer spot at the top of the second round, and this selection makes the most sense. They haven't solved the "loss" of Sean Jones and there's no doubt he's a top ten talent and a playmaker.

6. Cincinnati Bengals-Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
Thought Jason Smith here didn't you? Word has it that the Bengals are in love with Andre Smith, and why shouldn't they be? All world talent in college, but at the end of his time in college there were some questionable things going on...sounds like a future Bengal to me!

7. Oakland Raiders-Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
For the third straight draft the Raiders will take the argued best offensive skill player in the draft in the first round. Jury is still out on Russell and MacFadden, but I think Crabtree should do well in the black hole. He's already accustomed to wearing all black for football and being around guns growing up in Texas, seems like a perfect fit.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars-Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
Yes, I realize they spent a ton of money on David Garrard. Yes, he had a hell of a year two years ago, but this last year he fell off a bit. So who comes back, last year or two years ago? I'm gonna say last year, but still plays well enough to keep Sanchez on the bench to learn and they ship him somewhere next year during the offseason.

9. Green Bay Packers-BJ Raji, DT, Boston College
Thankfully his name has been cleared by SI, but I don't think it will effect his draft status that much. The Browns may take a look at him, and so will the Jaguars, but I don't really see him moving past Green Bay.

10. San Francisco 49ers-Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
The Baylor alum takes the best player from Baylor since he graduated. He's got that Singletary type attitude and he should THRIVE under him. Not a huge need, not as much as a pass rusher, but hard to let pass this much talent.

11. Buffalo Bills-Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
With all the talk of hybrids this hybrids that, I'm finding it very interesting that many of these so called hybrids are actually going to good ole fashioned 3/4 teams. I love this kid, I wouldn't be sad if the Browns took him, but I can see him falling just out of the top ten.

12. Denver Broncos-Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
A good number of players put on some weight from college to the pros and I believe Ayers will do just that so he can get to the playing size of a 3/4 DE. Now let me say this, this is my first official bust of the draft. I can't take a kid who had only 3 sacks last year and only 4 the year before it.

13. Washington Redskins-Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
I believe Michael Oher is getting heavily overlooked. At one point I had this kid the number one tackle in this class (which in my opinion is Jason Smith) and I would personally draft him over Andre Smith, so I think the Redskins are getting a steal at 13 and provides them with a real nice bookend.

14. New Orleans Saints-Knowshun Moreno, RB, Georgia
The Duece is loose elsewhere leaving only Reggie Bush to really run the ball. Oh, well there's Pierre Thomas but whatever. I think Moreno is the kind of running back they thought Bush was going to be (who in is own right is a hybrid). I think the tandem of Bush and Moreno is a dangerous one, and one that could open up Brees passing game...even more then it already is.

15. Houston Texans-Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn St
Freakish athletic ability, that's what I think about when I think about Aaron Maybin. I think the Texans make a bold and intelligent move if they bring this young man in. You put his speed and ability to rush the passer opposite Super Mario? I think Peyton is on the phone and begging the Colts to upgrade their offensive tackles in a hurry.

16. San Diego Chargers-Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
The Chargers have been on the cusp of greatness for a few years now, but I see where they are missing one key ingredient to that the Chargers need to get to the Super Bowl. A Samoan linebacker from the University of Southern California.

17. New York Jets-Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas St
Whether it was a ploy for teams to trade up with them to draft Freeman or not, they told him they plan on drafting him...allegedly. I think he'll be a decent QB, just not the showstopper folks are making him out to be.

18. Denver Broncos via Bears-Darius Butler, CB, UConn
With Freeman gone upgrading their defense should continue. Ever since that tragic New Years Eve incident they've been missing someone who can produce opposite Champ Bailey. Butler is a fine cornerback who should do even better then expected once Bailey takes him under his wing.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
It's amazing how a kid who once was a top ten pick could slide all the way to the number 19 slot. I love this kid, I think he's a playmaker in the mold of Steve Smith. One thing for certain, you no longer will hear how the Buccs only have had a few returns for touchdowns in their team's history.

20. Detroit Lions via Cowboys-Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss
If they still have this pick remember one key thing, their new coach is Jim Schwartz. He knows how much his success relied on Albert Haynesworth, and with Shaun Rogers gone in Detroit, he needs some inside presence on the defensive line. Now I wish the Browns would just suck it up, and take Jerry with the number five pick. I think this kid is going to be a superstar and is very close to being my favorite player in this draft.

21. Philadelphia Eagles-Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
With their tackle problems solved, and Moreno off the board, I can see the Eagles taking the smart road, taking a kid from Jersey and solving the giant hole that they have at weakside linebacker. I'm a huge fan of Cushing and I think he'd easily become one of their favorite players with the fans.

22. Minnesota Vikings-Percy Harvin, WR, Florida
They don't need a number one, but Harvin can be a solid number two. I think he'll be their version of DeSean Jackson and hopefully take some pressure off of Purple Jesus. Let us just hope he doesn't find his way onto the Love Boat up there in the land of a thousand lakes.

23. New England Patriots-Conor Barwin, OLB/DE/TE/Surgeon, Cincinnati
I've never have seen a player go into a draft more suited for any one team then I have with Conor Barwin. In college he was Cincinnati's tight end and defensive end. In New England he'd likely move to the 3/4 outside backer, play on the goalline, long snap, braid Tom Brady's hair and wash Belichek's hoodies.

24. Atlanta Falcons-James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State
I think this selection for the Falcons will come down to USC versus Ohio State, Son of Matthews vs Son of Animal. I know there is Curtis Lofton, but I feel he's better suited for the WLB. You can plant Animal Jr. into the middle backer spot and let him loose. Plus, Atlanta was the home base for WCW, he'd be a huge hit with the locals.

25. Miami Dolphins-Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
Bill Parcells has a very interesting team being born there on the beach. One thing it needs, however, is a shut down cornerback. Alphonso Smith has been one of my favorite players in this draft since day one. I've watched him over the last few years and I think his game translates very well into the pro system.

26. Baltimore Ravens-Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
It's always nice to see a team take a local kid, so this makes sense to me. They need to give Joe Flacco a big tall target downfield, Mason isn't getting any younger you know. I know the initial reaction is gonna be, what about a linebacker?! There are a plethora of quality linebackers in this draft, it can wait a round.

27. Indianapolis Colts-Evander Hood, DT, Missouri
Though Peyton may be on the phone begging the new coaches for some protection, it won't matter if their defense can't stop the other team. I think Hood fits the style of player they adore there in Indy and I think he's a perfect fit for the Colts.

28. Buffalo Bills via Eagles via Panthers-William Beatty, OT, UConn
I never thought I'd see the day when two UConn FOOTBALL PLAYERS were taken in the first round. The word on the street is that the Bills are very impressed by Beatty and went into trading Peters to the Eagles for this selection as they felt he'd still be here.

29. New York Giants-Sean Smith, DB, Utah
Though Eli may be screaming for Nicks or Britt, if the Edwards trade doesn't get done, I think they need to address the secondary first especially with the emergence of the Arizona Cardinals. Sean Smith is a Tom Coughlin kind of player, and I think he'd gel well with that defense and their style of play.

30. Tennessee Titans-DJ Moore, CB, Vanderbilt
Many think WR, but that's never been the way that Jeff Fisher operates. WR isn't their biggest need, stoping Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne is. I LOVE this kid, ADORE him, hell I want to adopt him and make him part of the tribe. I think this kid is going to be the next Deon Sanders, mark my words.

31. Arizona Cardinals-Beanie Wells, RB, Ohio State
The fact that Beanie Wells could fall this far is a bit of a shock. The kid is a football player and I think Wisenhunt will see that and pick him up to be his work horse. Yes they'll still have the Spider for third downs, but Wells is an every down back and taking the third down off should help slow the injuries.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
Though Big Ben gave them a bunch of credit after they won, the weak spot on this team is still the offensive line. Somehow someway Loadholt has worked his way back into the first round. I'm not a fan of the guy, I think he's a waste of a pick and will be fighting weight issues his entire career. But the Steelers seem to be big fans, so please draft him so we can blow him over and take out Big Ben.

1. Detroit Lions-Everette Brown, DE, Florida State
A shocking fall from grace, I think he'll be an every down player in Detroit.

2. St Louis Rams-Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina
With Tory Holt gone, Bulger needs someone tall to throw the long ball to.

3. New England Patriot via Chiefs-Donald Brown, RB, UConn
Kills me to allow them to draft Brown, I think this kid is going to be the best RB in this class.

4. Cleveland Browns-Clay Matthews, OLB, USC
Look, this is the only pick I care about with the Browns. It is a sign of a return to glory if once again there is a Clay Matthews in the linebacker corps.

5. Seattle Seahawks-LeSean McCoy, RB, Pitt
So do you think they want only Julius Jones as their RB?

6. Cincinnati Bengals-Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
They need to find a shutdown who is sober...

7. Jacksonville Jaguars-Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
Holt is only one man, but one who should be able to get Britt's head on right.

8. Oakland Raiders-Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
This is my Al Davis loves stopwatches draft pick.

9. Green Bay Packers-Jason Gilbert, DE, San Jose State
Probably has first round talent, the Packers get a real steal with him falling this far.

10. Buffalo Bills-Alex Mack, C, Cal
With the Steelers taking Loadass the best center in the draft falls to the Bills.

11. San Francisco 49ers-Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan
Some were probably thinking WR, but do you want the number 7 WR or number 1 safety?

12. Miami Dolphins via Redskins-Eben Britton, OT, Arizona
A good right side compliment to Jake Long who Parcells should like.

13. New York Giants via Saints-Ron Brace, DT, Boston College
A pretty solid DT who really stuffs the run, should be a good fit for that defense.

14. Houston Texans-Max Unger, C, Oregon
They're now the zone blocking team of the NFL, the perfect place for my favorite lineman in the draft.

15. New England Patriots via Chargers-William Moore, S, Missouri
They need some help at the safety position and I think last year was a fluke for Moore, he should be a first rounder.

16. Denver Broncos-Frantz Joseph, ILB, FAU
Three picks, all on defense, can we guess where the problem lies with this team?

17. Chicago Bears-Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State
The Bears need tackles, but won't do any good if Cutler has no one to throw to.

18. Cleveland Browns via Buccaneers-Andre Brown, RB, NC State
If Robiskie lasts here, he's gone, but since he just went I think the Browns go after a RB who could be a giant steal.

19. Dallas Cowboys-Herman Johnson, G, LSU
The biggest baby ever born in Louisiana, his size is the perfect fit for the Cowboys.

20. New York Jets-Larry English, OLB, Northern Illinois
A real project, but one that could turn out very well and Ryan knows how that process is done.

21. Philadelphia Eagles-Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Eagles
Jackson is their big speed guy, Iglesias can be their version of Joe Jurevicius.

22. Minnesota Vikings-Pat White, QB, West Virginia
Rumor has it the Vikings are enthralled with White, and so am I. I personally think he's the best QB in the draft.

23. Atlanta Falcons-Patrick Chung, S, Oregon
A big time hitter, I think he's Mike Smith's type of football player.

24. Miami Dolphins-Derrick Williams, WR, Penn State
Gives them another option, plus put him back on kick return with Ginn Jr and where are you going to kick?

25. Baltimore Ravens-Asher Allen, CB, Georgia
They have all of a sudden become desperately thin at cornerback.

26. New England Patriots-Andy Levitre, G, Oregon State
Their offensive line is beginning to show its age, watch this draft be where they get their new line.

27. Carolina Panthers-Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
A terrible fall, but nothing he did, which works out beautifully for the Panthers.

28. Indianapolis Colts-Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina
Wayne and Gonzalez are great receivers but that offense needs a third receiver.

29. New York Giants-Patrick Turner, WR, USC
Probably a bit high for turner, but those above him are 6 foot or below, Turner is 6'5".

30. Tennessee Titans-Fili Moala, DT, USC
A shame he's fallen this far, I'm a bit fan of the kid and should do well for Jeff Fisher.

31. Arizona Cardinals-Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia
Okeafor isn't getting any younger, he's been in the league for 11 years now.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma
An entire Oklahoma side of the offensive line, even more reason for me to hate the Steelers.

1. Detroit Lions-Mohammed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia

2. St Louis Rams-Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio State

3. Kansas City Chiefs-Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Miss

4. Seattle Seahawks-Alex Magee, DT, Purdue

5. Dallas Cowboys via Browns-Sherrod Martin, DB, Troy

6. Cincinnati Bengals-David Veikune, DE, Hawaii

7. Oakland Raiders-Eric Wood, C, Louisville

8. Jacksonville Jaguars-Coye Francies, CB, San Jose State

9. Green Bay Packers-Jarius Byrd, CB, Oregon

10. San Francisco 49ers-Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona

11. Buffalo Bills-Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina

12. New York Jets via Saints-Paul Kruger, DE, Utah

13. Houston Texans-Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa

14. San Diego Chargers-Jason Watkins, OT, Florida

15. Denver Broncos-Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State

16. Washington Redskins-Trevor Cannfield, G, Cincinnati

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Tyrone McKenzie, OLB, South Florida

18. Detroit Lions via Cowboys-James Casey, TE, Rice

19. Green Bay Packers via Jets-Rashad Johnson, DB, Alabama

20. Denver Broncos via Bears-Sen'Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn

21. Philadelphia Eagles-Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty

22. Minnesota Vikings-Victor Macho Harris, CB, Virginia Tech

23. Miami Dolphins-Dorrell Scott, DT, Clemson

24. Baltimore Ravens-Darry Beckwith, ILB, LSU

25. New England Patriots-Louis Murphy, WR, Florida

26. Atlanta Falcons-Ricky Jean-Francois, DT, LSU

27. Indianapolis Colts-Tyronne Green, G, Auburn

28. Carolina Panthers-Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

29. New York Giants-Jerimiah Johnson, RB, Oregon

30. Tennessee Titans-Jarrett Dillard, WR, Rice

31. Arizona Cardinals-Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati

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