Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dews Happy Hump day

So, yea, maybe its been a while, but at least I have the excuse of a very demanding job full of plenty of high maintenance people working there (this thankfully is balanced by not having any high maintenance folks to deal with AFTER work though, I must admit).

Anyway, without further adieu, lets take a peak at the news shall we?

First off, in what is quite possibly the most useless scientific use of stem cells since throwing them away went out of style:
Seriously? We can't just find sperm somewhere? We need to now create it?

The best part about this useless discovery (spare me the male infertility "need" with the thousands of children still very much available via adoption), is that the sperm created (if used for fertility) would develop abnormalities (and be very illegal to boot!) and is at best 10 years away from being a "viable" treatment for male infertility.

I can think of at least 5 diseases off the top of my head that are better suited for Stem cells to be devoted to and creating something that thousands of guys donate on a regular basis is DEFINITELY not one of the things that needs "solving".

More happy news about my daily commute...

Apparently even with the worst Washington DC Metro disaster ever still fresh in our minds, Metrorail operators are being caught on video texting while driving...
There's more bad publicity for Metro after a YouTube video surfaces of a Metro train operator apparently texting while on the job.

Just amazing to me that its probably so much a part of this persons day-to-day activities that human nature dictates he just continue doing it...

Finally, Google is making its final push for World Dominance with the announcement that it will soon compete with the hapless Microsoft Corporation in the Operating Systems market.
Google Inc., owner of the most- visited Internet search engine, is developing a computer operating system based on its Chrome Web browser, taking aim at Microsoft Corp. in its strongest market.

Now, I'm a fan of all things Google, so I'm obviously excited to see what kind of product they can put forward, but the expectations are going to be astronomically high on this one.

Not that Microsoft has had a decent offering in this field since Windows XP was the standard, but if they really want to deal the death blow to the powerful Microsoft empire, then they really need to release a solid product that will truly allow users the ability to do everything they are accustomed to doing (which includes gaming, which Steve Jobs has yet to hammer home on Macs yet).

I'm hopefully optimistic about it, as its release will probably coincide with my retiring from the IT world altogether to run away to a tropical island and bartend, so I could care less where Microsoft products go at that point!

That is all...

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