Friday, August 17, 2007

All-Time Ballclub

Yep, two lists in one day, whoda thunk it?! We now move on to America's former Pastime, baseball. I say former because it is no longer the biggest sport (see football) or pastime (see video games). This was difficult because unlike baseball, this sport has a plethora of people to chose from. Though I know right now I will be accused of wanting to play small ball due to my roster, but hey, if it's not broke...

C-Josh Gibson-I'm sure many are wondering why Johnn Bench isn't here, but by all accounts Josh Gibson should be recognized as the greatest home run hitter of all time.
1B-Lou Gerhig-What can I say, it's Lou F'N Gerhig, the guy was so big he got his own disease
2B-Ryan Sandberg-One of my favorite ball players of all time, my favorite growing up (along with another member of this team).
3B-Mike Schmidt-Need some tenacity on this team and it comes in the form of the Phillie Schmidt
SS-Cal Ripken Jr-Well, I know I'll never have to sit him for a game now don't I
RF-Pete Rose-One of the top three hitters of all time, and it's a shame that his gambling has kept him out of the hall, though same could be said for Shoeless Joe.
CF-Ty Cobb-Probably the greatest hitter of all time, the official team cancer, at some point him and the Left Fielder would kill each other...or be best friends
LF-Rickey Henderson-The other favorite ball player of mine, in his words, the greatest of all time
DH-Babe Ruth-I'm an A's fan, we're in the AL we have the DH, so between hookers, blow jobs and beer he can hit
P-Nolan Ryan-My favorite pitcher of all time, and probably the second best fighter in baseball history, next to Ty Cobb
P-Greg Maddux-You may wonder, why Maddux? The dude is money and he just throws absolute junk, which throws the other team off with this rotation
P-Bob Gibson-Been said to be the greatest Cards pitcher of all time, he has some wicked pitches as well, another change of pace
P-Roger Clemens-I don't think you could argue that he is probably the best pitcher of the last twenty year, with Greg Maddux right behind him
P-Satchel Paige-The biggest name in the Negro Leagues, just have to put a tracer on him in case he disappeared like he was known for doing from a league.
RP-Dennis Eckersley-Second favorite pitcher of all time, best closer of all time

Bench-Ernie Banks, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, Jimmie Foxx, Johnny Bench

Batting Order (just for kicks)
1. Rickey Henderson
2. Ryan Sandberg
3. Pete Rose
4. Josh Gibson
5. Babe Ruth
6. Ty Cobb
7. Mike Schmidt
8. Lou Gerhig
9. Cal Ripken Jr.

Manager-Bobby Cox


Dews said...

I dunno man, I think I'd bat Cobb second here. Lefty contact supreme hitter with Rickey possibly on first?

Also, I'd want someone like Joe Sewell at 3b (struck out all of 114 times for his career, while racking up 2226 hits over 14 seasons), and Ted Williams roving around RF (the best power-contact hitter of all time robbed of years for his service in war time).

Think that'd give me more power, and more "Death by a million cuts" type offense :)

Dews said...

Excellent add though with Josh Gibson. I don't think anyone gives him the credit he deserves, while heaping too much on people like Ruth.

Rotation wise though, I'd want to find a spot for Christy Mathewson, Walter "Big Train" Johnson, Mordecai "3-Finger" Brown, and maybe Tom Seaver?

Only one guy I'd like to add to the bench though as well (that mythically could have been better then even Rickey), is Coolpapa Bell also from the Negro Leagues.

He was one of those guys that people said would get "Hit by his own line drive rounding 2nd" :)

Shane Rollins said...

Possibly, but I didn't want to fill it out to an entire team. I like Ted Williams, but he wasn't a better ball player then Charlie Hustle. Between Schmidt, Gibson and Ruth, I don't have a need for more power.

Sewell is a good choice, I forgot about him. I think I would add Tom Seaver, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue and John Smoltz to the Bullpen.

Dews said...

also think I'd rather have spit-boy Roberto Alomar at 2b too, but hell, there is so many ways to make these teams, its impossible to make everyone happy.

SayHey Kid said...

A tiny bit of love for Barry would have been nice =).

I disagree with the lineup, i would place the Babe number 3, Of course the same could have been said for Aaron. Ryano batting last behind Ripken. Cobb in the 2 spot