Friday, August 17, 2007

All Time Jam Slam

Continuing in the All Time teams that CNN SI started earlier this week I give you my All Time NBA team. Now mind you I'm not as big of a fan of the NBA now as I was in the 80s, but I still know talent when I see it.

C-Kareem Abdul Jabar-The man dominated wherever he was, and on this team he won't have to be the point and difference maker, but is enough of a distraction that it opens up shooting for the others.
PG-Magic Johnson-The greatest Point Guard of all time, I'm sorry there is NO ONE playing today that can even breath the same air as Magic.
SG-Michael Jordan-The ultimate competitor, the champion of champions, he IS basketball
SF-Larry Bird-I had a friend once tell me that Larry Bird was the greatest white man he's ever seen play basketball, I tend to agree
PF-Dominique Wilkins-This shocks many of you, but it's my own personal choice, The Human Highlight Film is my favorite player ever and he goes on my team.

Bench-Shaq, Bob Cousy, George Gervin, Eljin Baylor, Tim Duncan

Coach-John Wooden, every single player would shut up and listen to what the greatest basketball teacher had to say.


Dews said...

No Rodman?????

Shane Rollins said...

I actually thought seriously about putting Rodman or Duncan on this team for a day.

SayHey Kid said...

Rodman should be on everyones list, even a consideration one.

But i also saw no Iceman on there........ouch bro!

Shane Rollins said...

So I suppose that doesn't say George Gervin on the bench?

Dews said...

don't forget Laimbeer too :)

let him play the first few minutes to rough up someone...