Monday, August 13, 2007

Asylum Movie Review:Stardust

Let me get this right out in the open right now, I am biased when it comes to Stardust. It is written by Neil Gaiman, who is an absolutely fantastic and wonderful writer who has gone from writing for the comic book world to writing absolutely amazing novels. Stardust is the first to be made by a major American, though some of youmay know the only major movie that is based on a Gaiman story, Mirrormask. I highly suggest you watch Mirrormask as it is amazing, in the Pans Labyrinth mold or should I say Pan's is in Mirrormask's mold. Regardless do yourself a favor and go read American Gods, which is my own personal favorite Gaiman novel.

Let us get back to the movie which has been described by CNN as "Shrek for adults" and that's a fairly accurate description. Anita made a comment last night about someone saying, "for a generation that grew up on The Princess Bride, this is a welcome happy ending". Both of these comments would be correct, I don't think we've honestly had a movie of this type since The Princess Bride, and we even had our own version of the Dread Pirates Roberts.

The movie has a plethora of well known actors, and some very talented no names that went along with them. I could name them all, but you know the big names so perhaps some of the names you do not know. Charlie Cox is quite captivating as the lead Tristan. Mark Strong and Jason Flemyng are wonderful as brother Septimus and Primus, and Rupert Everett even snuck in there as Secundus. Kate Magowan made the most of her screen time as Tristan's mother, Una. The cast just worked completely, it was one of those movies that I didn't think anyone was badly cast, it truly flowed like a work of art.

I can go on and on of how wonderful this movie was, but I will only mention a few highlights as I'm sure you all have to check on your fantasy scores. Robert DeNiro steals the movie, I mean we're talking fuckin Heat, absolutely stellar. I can't think of the last movie, maybe Heat, that I watched him in and though my god this man is a master. He stole the movie as Captain Shakespear, don't listen to the nonsense that Michelle Pfiefer made this movie, nay I say it, it was DeNiro.

Not to say Michelle didn't do a wonderful job, she did. It is quite obvious to anyone who has eyes that this was her best movie since Batman Returns. Though I do think it would have been amusing to cast her sisters as Cher and Susan Sarandon ala Eastwhick. Claire Daines is an absolute doll, completely adorable as Yvaine, the fallen star. Hell, the brief cameo by Peter O'Tolle was brief but absolutely wonderful as the cunning and murderous King. Let us be honest though, the ghost brothers and their traveling commentary was better then anything heard on Sunday Night Football.

So if you are wondering on whether to go and see this movie, slap yourself, and go see it. Never mind if the movie is won with the care bear stare, it is still a brilliant piece of film making. It is an enjoyable ride from beginning to end, with DeNiro stealing the last scene as well. I think we all want a gay pirate uncle now, as long as it is DeNiro. Anita and I both decided we would gladly watch a movie just about the gay pirate uncle any day of the week, and twice on tuesday.

Nine out of ten.

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