Monday, August 13, 2007

Asylum Movie Review:The Bourne Ultimatum

Good Morning everyone, I hope you all had a productive and enjoyable weekend. I myself decided to spend my Saturday catching up on a movie or two that I had missed since Anita came home from Houston. So while she was off in at Death's salon getting her hair done, I took in the third movie in a trilogy that I had enjoyed up until this movie, the Jason Bourne series.

Now going into this movie a week after it opened I heard a great many reviews from folks who had seen it. From the artsy film guy came the it is receycled crap. From my action addicted friends, fuckin awesome. So I went into this movie with mild expectations and a hope that it would keep the bar at the high level it put up itself.

The Bourne Series benefits to a large part from other action movies in that it does something amazing, it actually casts people who can act. Chris Cooper, Brian Cox,David Strathairn, Joan Allen, Clive Owen and Albert Finney are just a few of the subperb actors that have come across this series. This entry gave us Strathairn, Finney, Scott Glenn and Paddy Considine. Though Strathairn was the only one with any significant screen time, it was nice to see Scott Glenn get some work. I for one have been a fan of Strathairn since Eight Men Out so this resurgence is wonderful to me.

This time around the CIA are still looking for Bourne while Bourne is still trying to figure out his past. I'm not sure what it was with this movie, but it just didn't work for me like the previous two movies did. They alluded to many things, but in certain areas it just didn't seem like there was enough conclusion for me. We know there is something between Julia Stiles and Maaaaatt Daaaaamon, but we don't know what it is. When it came to them, it felt like someone got out their editor marker and took out a good thirty minutes of film.

They show all these hands in the cookie jar in regards to the Tredstone project, and we see a lil bit about how Jason Bourne became Jason Bourne, but not as to why. There are way too many gapping holes in this film, especially when it is supposed to be the last one (according to Daaaaaamon). Now the action scenes are fine, not as good as the previous films, but still decent enough. I think the bottom line is I didn't connect with this film like I did the previous two. Perhaps it was missing the talent of Franka Potente who gave the Bourne character some warmth, made him human. It just didn't feel the same, though I wouldn't call it a bad movie by any means.

I think in the end they tried to add too many current world circumstances, a few too many political statements, and went away from what was their bread and butter and had made this series something different. I will give it a seven out ten, enjoyable, but in the end disappointing in a series that showed you could have great acting in an action film.

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