Thursday, August 9, 2007

Brattleboro Vermont, land of the attention whores

Ok seriously... First they have to announce to the world that they are banning public nudity:

Vermont's infamous naked town is under orders to keep its pants on.
Oh how cute...

"On a 3-2 vote, town officials passed an emergency rule Tuesday banning nudity on the main roads and within 250 feet of any school or place of worship, among other places. Anyone still determined to go window shopping au naturale could face a $100 fine."

Then there was this "Taser" situation that just HAD to be brought to all of our attention (damn hippies)

Officers used electronic methods to remove the protesting pair
Seriously, how can they come up with such witty tag lines?

Well, thankfully I can end this post on a good note as Brattleboro was punished slightly for its "Freshman college girl drunk at frat party" behavior.

After nudes and Tasers, lightning strikes steeple of Brattleboro church

I know I will sleep better tonight knowing that God was able to strike back at least a little bit.

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Shane Rollins said...

I can neither confirm nor deny any participation in said lightning strike