Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College Football CNNSI AA

CNNSI has released their preseason All Americans yesterday afternoon. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how their picks go up against my very own picks.

Picks that were the same
Darren McFadden, Mario Manningham, Jake Long, Sam Baker, Calais Campbell, Glenn Dorsey, James Laurinaitis, Vince Hall, Antoine Cason, Aquib Talib, Kenny Phillips, Marcus Thigpen, DeSean Jackson

CNNSI-Brian Brohm Shane-Colt Brennan
I know many people like Brohm, but I am sorry, he doesn't have Bobby Petrino anymore. He's with a new coach which will mean a new system. I don't see Brohm having a Heisman year, but he will still be a top five pick in the draft. Brennan should break so many records it's ridiculous.

Running Backs
CNNSI-Steve Slaton Shane-Ray Rice
A lot of people have a hard on for Slaton and those bunch of future convicts at West Virginia. I don't know if he has the durability, he's a finesse runner and with those there's always a chance of injury. Rice will just pound and pound for Rutgers.

Wide Receivers
CNNSI-Adarius Bowman Shane-Jarret Dillard
Bowman is impressive, though as we have seen it will only be in college, right Rashaun Woods? Jarret should have a big year on the small team who plays the Big 12.

Tight Ends
CNNSI-Travis Beckum Shane-John Carlson
I always worry about choosing a Wisconsin player who isn't a running back. Yes, he has the most stats of returning tight ends, but Notre Dame is going with a new QB for the first time in four years and the tight end is always the safety valve.

The Offensive Line I shall skip as once again someone does a majority of their picks as tackles and doesn't fill the appropriate positions.

Defensive End
CNNSI-Bruce Davis Shane-Tommy Blake
Davis made my second team for the only reason of my belief that Tommy Blake will have a bigger year as he plays lesser teams then Bruce Davis will play. This says nothing about Baker's skill, I just think his production will be higher due to level of competition.

Defensive Tackle
CNNSI-Eric Foster Shane-Sedrick Ellis
Once again a man who was on my second team who easily could have been on the first team. I chose Ellis over foster because he will get more exposure at USC and will get a good amount of credit of what looks to be a great defense this year. Foster may be forgotten due to the Ray Rice show at Rutgers.

CNNSI-Keith Rivers Shane-Dan Connor
For the third defensive position in a row I say exactly what I have said above, a coin flip. I do think there are others on the SC defense who can make plays as well and as such limit Rivers' total. Dan Connor though has no problems in that area and will likely be THE Penn St defense.

CNNSI-Marty Tadman Shane-Tom Zbikowski
It looks like Marty was chosen due only to his Fiesta Bowl production last year, where he did have a monster game, but was never part of the conversation prior to that. Zbikowski has been a play maker and highly regarded since he began starting at Notre Dame.

No need to cover the kickers and punters, no one has kept track of that since Bobby Bowden had the Foreign Player Rule at Florida St. All in all I think it will be quite interesting to see how I stack up this year on my picks and see what mystery player will come out of nowhere and shock the world.

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