Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Blog Round Up

It appears the story of the day on the radio, blogs, space transmissions is the hypocrisy of the Idaho Senator and his arrest for lewd behavior at an airport.

Apparently some folks in Texas, like the Junior Senator don't believe that Fredo did anything wrong as AG. That alone speaks volume about the current problem in the GOP.

Two major newspaper argue that with Rove and Fredo leaving it gives Bush a fresh chance to work with Congress this next go around. Sadly, I think merely their titles and powers are gone, they shall still assist the President in the advice arena.

Do you know what I enjoy most when it comes to religious news? When our old friend Ted Haggard pops back into the news with a possible con game going on.

Great news, KO managed to get 4 Million viewers before Sunday Night football. You can't stop the signal Mal.

Finally Warner Bros. is starting to get it. Since Brandon Routh and Christian Bale want to stay with their movies the Justice League movie may just turn into the Smallville movie. I for one am all for it, you already have half the cast.

The Penguins and Sabers will play an outside hockey game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. My only question is will they be starting Russell Crowe as the Captain?

Welcome to the team rook, touchdown Jesus can't save your feathery locks.

This is truly a great story about perseverance .

This is the first time I've ever wanted anything to do with the Seattle Mariners. Way to get your fans to cheer for a huge batting slump.

The way they coach down in the swamp has changed much since Spurrier's days.

I'm really glad that I didn't ride the metro yesterday. So when the pope dies, smoke comes from a chimney. When a Bush appointee resigns, they signal hell for the next soldier?

Finally, a few good highlights of Vick's press conference yesterday. He said he had found Jesus, but I didn't see him in attendance, perhaps he was hunting with Cheney at an undisclosed location.

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Dews said...

Heard about the Metro issues all the way up here... I just can't imagine how the hell I woulda gotten anywhere having been a slave to that system before.

I will say though, its so damn hard to say anything nice about it when the only time you notice how it performs, is when it doesn't... at all... dramatically...

Like coming home on the red line 2 years ago when the conductor left the train sitting at Metro Center for almost an hour before anyone realized it at the "Hall of Metro" or whatever...

fun times...