Friday, August 10, 2007

Flash: China controls Media directed at own people

In an apparently slow news day, World Tribune reports that:
China’s government controls virtually all media outlets to exercise “mind control” and manipulate public opinion, according to testimony by a former state propagandist at a hearing of the U.S-China Economic Security Review Commission last week.
In related news, Rupert Murdoch coughs, mumbles "amateurs" under his breath and outlines his new plan to offer the Wall Street Journal online for free.

Additionally England has decided that bad news about its military is even MORE bad if it comes from members of it:

They will also be barred from playing multi-player computer games and sending text messages, photographs and audio or video material without permission if they relate to defence matters.

The guidelines say "all such communication must help to maintain and, where possible, enhance the reputation of defence", the paper reported.

Stupid people with their stupid opinions....

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