Monday, August 13, 2007

Lets try this, just one more time

Van Halen and David Lee Roth are trying once again to do what GNR hasn't been able to do and reunite once more. Earlier this year Roth and Eddie attempted a reunion, but this idea cause Eddie to rush himself into rehab, which we can all understand. I know we all hope for the best for Van Halen, especially if it is true that they plan a world tour and a new album. Below are the dates for the Van Halen North American Tour, that begins in just over a month.

27-Sept Charlotte, NC
29-Sept Greensboro, NC
1-Oct Philadelphia, PA
7-Oct Toronto, ON
10-Oct Cleveland, OH
14-Oct Indianapolis, IN
16-Oct Rosemont, IL
18-Oct Chicago, IL
22-Oct Auburn Hills, MI
24-Oct Minneapolis, MN
26-Oct Kansas City, MO
28-Oct St. Louis, MO
30-Oct Boston, MA
3-Nov E Rutherford, NJ
13-Nov New York, NY
20-Nov Los Angeles, CA
23-Nov Glendale, AZ
25-Nov San Diego, CA
27-Nov Sacramento, CA
29-Nov San Jose, CA
1-Dec Portland, OR
3-Dec Seattle, WA
5-Dec Vancouver, BC
9-Dec Edmonton, AB
11-Dec Calgary, AB

I know what you're thinking, so am I. If Van Halen can reunite after twenty years apart, there may be hope for Axel and Slash yet.

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Dews said...

Now we just need a Pink Floyd reunion complete with laser show and floating pig the size of a football field.