Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today is the day all NFL video game fans wait for every year. Their very own personal Christmas, the day Madden comes out.

Now for the last two years the game has been crap, utter and unbelievable crap. It started when the 360 came out and they didn't do much to fix the two games. This year however they claim to have fixed the issues, revamped the game, and will actually make it an enjoyable experience, we shall see.

Sadly I will not know the joy of Madden until Wednesday at the earliest since I have to DJ a lackluster kickball night. I mean, I'm spinning Akon, Chingy, E-40, and this blond dumbshell comes up and asks why am I not playing dance music? Whawhawhat?!

Sorry toots, Smashmouth is not "dance" music.

So expect a longer review some time later this week when the missus is in Houston officially accepting the job offer.

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Dews said...

I want the game that shows OJ as the Grim Reaper with a knife when you score a touchdown! :)

That sounds like more fun to me...