Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Blog O Dome

According to the New York Times Berto is resigning. I'm sorry, but ever since I heard this all I've had in my head is LET THE SUN SHINE! LET THE SUN SHINE IN!

Glenn Greenwald has a wonderful idea, sadly I think we all know the Dems will bow to the pressure to appoint the man who bumbled Katrina.

Keith By God Olbermann and his show Countdown made his National Television debut on network tv last night before Sunday Night Football on NBC. Thankfully NBC did not water down the show and here's a piece of the show.

There's a good way to make the news show you in good light, have a husband and former press secretary in charge of the newspaper.

Apparently it isn't Congress' speeches that is hurting the morale of the troops in Iraq.

Finally some portion of the national press has started to publish the story of Donald Vance, the whistle blower in Iraq who was then arrested and tortured because he uncovered corruption. I believe the quote is something along the lines of When Good People Do Nothing...they don't get tortured.

Someone needs to kick Joe Liberman square in the nuts. I mean, he really needs his ass kicked, and not just for this, but for so much more. This is just the number one thing on my list on why he heeds to be kicked in the nards.

Braven new Films continue to do a great job, showing how Faux News is pushing for the invasion of Iran.

I really wish I like Tim Robbins movies more because I really love the amount of effort he has consistently put into activism. To me though he will always be Nuke LaLoosh.

Finally, someone has a diagram for how to win back our country that even the most stoned hippie or bought congressman could understand.

Ah, a beautiful post about my Browns, our quarterbacks, and Van Morrison.

Sorry Say hey, but not one starting positional player on the SF Giants is under the age of 32.

I'm sorry, and I know some of the other posters here won't like this, but this is some dirty baseball.

Feinstein has made suggestions to the White House as to who the new AG should be. On this list was Denny Crane, Dan Fielding, and Lt. Daniel Kaffee.

Wow, this is truly a quote I can get behind.

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"Best step off the track when the trains coming, hayseed" Jack Parkman

Of course this is in reference to Ruiz's torpedo act toward Giles. He is a fatass tho, i wouldnt expect him to actually slide