Friday, August 10, 2007

My First Pre-Season Top Twenty

We're less then a month away from the start of the college football season, and I will likely go over each conference in the coming weeks. That being said, today I will release my first Top Twenty poll which I am sure will stir some debate, especially in the SEC.

1.USC-Pete Carroll never reloads, he just pulls out more guns
2.Michigan-Same offensive talent for the most part
3.Florida-Good coach, sophomore QB though who've all we seen is running from
4.Texas-Colt McCoy, Heisman candidate
5.West Virginia-So many weapons, one has to wonder, who will be the first arrested
6.LSU-I don't understand the love affair with most people and this team
7.Wisconsin-Solid team, could surprise folks
8.VA Tech-Talent, yes, determination, we shall see
9.Louisville-Talent, obviously, new coach which may change the game plan
10.Cal-Talented, always under the radar, well coached
11.Ohio St-Their strength is the D, is anyone left on their offense?
12.Oklahoma-Perhaps Stoops' last year, one that will likely end off the top 25
13.UCLA-If they play like they CAN then they will be in contention
14.Tennessee-Ainge MAY push this team better then they really are
15.Rutgers-Can lightning strike twice in NJ without hitting toxic waste?
16.Nebraska-I'm calling it now, Callahan will be Big 12 Coach of the Year
17.Georgia-It was them or Auburn here, missing something to reach Florida and LSU
18.Hawaii-This year's Boise St behind Colt, two Colts in the top three of Heisman
19.Arkansas-Rutgers should just run, run, run and run
20.TCU-This year's TCU, ie the team that wins ten games but no one thinks of

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