Monday, August 20, 2007

Nats-Mets August 18, 2007

On Saturday Say Hey, his brother and girlfriend, my roommate Acey and myself descended once again upon RFK for some Nationals baseball. I will put this out there right now, all week long I was trying to get close tickets so I could see The Greatest of All Time up close and personal. He is now the Mets' first base coach and I am dying to get a picture taken with the legend known only as Rickey. Well, this week didn't work out too well ticket wise, but I was able to buy some in section 108 row five for the September series. So expect to see a picture of myself and the Greatest here in mid-September.

Now then, back to the game, which almost began very badly for folks as the Metro broke down at Potomac which you all know is one stop away. This didn't bode well for DC period since these are the same tracks people were going out to FedEx for the Redskins game. SayHey managed to find his way through the unknown section of DC and got to our tailgate. He also managed to call his brother and they wisely took a cab to RFK.

Now we didn't expect a big crowd because of the Skins game, but when we reached the stadium and bought the tickets, it was the highest we have ever sat. Up in section 548 I'm sure SayHey and I pissed off all people around us with our constant, and I do mean constant, Rickey would steal right now, Rickey would have stole third as well, etc etc etc. Add that with our Harry Caray moon made out of cheese, and it was no wonder there was a bubble around us eventually.

As for the game itself, I do have to say it was some of the worst umpiring I have seen in a long time. It's bad when I'm way out in Maryland and can see the man made the tag, yet you can't from five feet away. Do not worry, I caught the post game on TV and I was correct. Of course this wasn't the big news of the night, bad umpiring, or even the Abe Lincoln bobble heads. Actually, let us talk about the bobble heads for a second.

20,000 bobble heads were supposed to be available for people. When we reached the stadium we didn't see any being given out, not even the so called vouchers. Hell, I didn't see too many people actually with said bobble head. What I did see though was people with up to seven carrying them around. We all know they are going to be selling them on eBay, but come on, why are you being a greedy prick? I'm sure there was some kid who would have wanted one, but here you are 45 with six Abe Lincoln bobble heads.

Oh, and fuck you RFK. We bet on the Presidential races, I don't care if it is Abe Lincoln bobble head night, he shouldn't get a lead and secret service, you owe me a fucking dollar now.

Back to the game, the Nats did hang in there, sort of. Without bad calls this one is much closer then the final score. Of course the big news of the night was Willy Mo Pena. The Nats really want us to cheer this guy on, even putting Willy Mo up on the scoreboard in attempts for us to chant and cheer. I'm sorry, but we find it funny they Red Sox gave us Willy Mo AND cash for a player to be named later who no doubt will be Willy Mo Pena.

Personally if I was Manny Acta I would put Willy Mo in Left, move Church to Center and use Nook Logan and his speed as my specialty runner and number 4 outfielder. The Nats are maybe one player and two starting pitchers away from being a contender in the NL. We definitely have the managing there, hell Manny would have my vote for NL Manager of the Year, he's done wonders with this team.

It was a fun game, though we (as in my group) have a special question to ask RFK and it's ushers. It is a long standing tradition in sports for people to move to empty seats as the game comes to a close. My party attempted to do this on Saturday, in an area that had five rows completely empty, and had been since the sixth. We moved down to this section in the bottom of the eighth inning. Why then does your usher have an issue with us moving down? We didn't move into VIP seats, there was no one around, and yet you felt like you had to be an asshole. Kudos to you sir for trying to impress the female usher who didn't want to do her job, but it is the bottom of the eighth, people are leaving, why can't we sit closer to the action?

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