Monday, August 13, 2007

Rant of the Day

Ok, can we talk about what a fucking idiot the guy next to me is? Just for a minute?

I can't stand listening to him talk. Can't he close his door or something? Or just shut up?
There's an idea. Or maybe someone could fire him for being an idiot.

When my coworker started working here, she said she thought he was retarded. Seriously. She came home after her first day and her husband was all "how was your day?" and she said "um, I think this guy I'm working with is retarded ... I guess that's just what it's like in the federal government". Exactly. That is what it’s like in the federal government.

The fact that this moron was hired leads me to question the intelligence and judgment of his boss. This is not the only poor hiring decision he has made, but it's the worst. At least my boss was smart enough to realize what a fucking idiot he is and refused to hire him when he applied for a transfer.

He appears to be trying to adopt a kid. I feel so sorry for that kid. An orphanage in China might be preferable to living with someone that fucking stupid.

I find that I am growing more intolerant the older I get. Particularly about stupid -
I just can't handle stupid.

Thank God, he shut up.

Have I also mentioned that he went to fat camp? He's like 45 - he had to take LWOP. And I swear, he only lost like 5 pounds.

I don't think he has any idea how much I can't stand him. Sometimes he even comes in my office to say hi, and I just want to scream.

Instead of a briefcase or backpack, he uses one of those little roll-a-board suitcases,
like a flight attendant. A little, weeble flight attendant.

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