Monday, August 13, 2007

Senile Decay

I understand that as you get older your mind tends to go with you. Almost all of us have seen it happen to someone in our family, be it our Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, or our old gay pirate uncle. Thankfully most of these folks are retired, staying at home, and not making someone's work environment a living hell.

I however am struck with the senile old lady who will not retire.

Today was the icing on the cake which has been a two week hell, she seemingly can't do anything right. Now it doesn't help that this lady wasn't fully there to begin with. She wasn't like NB's co-worker, she just wasn't that intelligent. Come on, this lady used to keep her office items in a garbage bag because, well, I don't know why but I'm sure in her mind it seemed completely logical.

Two weeks ago most of my office was out of state at a conference. It was just us IT monkeys and the secretaries. Jabba felt bad because she had nothing to do so she told me to give her the paper work for the two orders we needed completed. So I did, she smiled said she would get it done right away. I told her to purchase them separately even though it was going to the same company. She smiled and said ok, and that was the end of it.

A few days later the company salesman calls me, wondering why he hasn't received the order. I go ask Senile and she can't find the paperwork. She set it down cause she needed a book to make the order (por que?) and it disappeared. I scoured over her desk and work area, these bitches were gone. We assume she shredded them at some point during those days. I knew not why she needed a book, but she has done this before, allegedly, and I tried not to worry.

Two days go by, the rep calls me again asking where those orders were. I go back to Senile who explains that the orders were over the single purchase order limit and she had to call some office to get approval. Why did you do that Senile when I told you to order them seperately, especially just for this exact reason. Oh, hehe, I forgot you told me that.


So now the orders are split and to not raise suspicion we have to wait on part of the order since Senile screwed the pooch. During this time, actually before this all began there was a case of a broken Blackberry that she had to take to another office for them to fix. She was coordinating with this office, or so I assumed was the case.

We found out last week, from Senile, that we can go pick it up. Even though she is over at that office at that moment and could easily be brought back. They forget to tell me for two days, which leads to being told I need to pick it up today. I wait until after lunch hour, even though I haven't ate, and call the lady who has the part.

Yes, she says she will be at her desk until four pm. Beautiful says I, I shall be right over and pick up the Blackberry. Well, needless to say this lady was a LIAR!

I traveled over to this office, which has a secure door. I call her number...voicemail. I continue to do this for five minutes or so, nothing what so ever. So I step outside and attempt this process for the next forty five minutes until someone from her office brings me in, and then here she comes calmly and cool walking like she doesn't have a care in the world. When I mention that I have been waiting and she told me she would be here her response was classic.

Oh, I thought you were someone else (husband? boss?) so I lied.


Who are you?

I explain why I was there, and she explains to me that she has been emailing Senile trying to find out information and Senile has yet to respond to these repeated emails. Apparently Senile thought these emails simply meant that the item was done and ready for pick up. After attempting to figure out this lady's deal (she wasn't working on all cylinders either) I finally get the Blackberry and come back to the office.

Cause of this I cannot go to Houston with Anita for her job offer dinner as I now have to work at fixing Senile's mistakes...again.

Folks there really needs to be some kind of competency tests for older workers, much like actual driving test past the age of 60. If you cannot pass the test then you should be working as a door greater at Walmart.

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Dews said...

man, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have been able to relate with you on this...

thankfully, I'm in an office now that is actually pretty tech savvy, so no hand-holding, but damn...

The Senate was rife with these tards...