Thursday, August 23, 2007


Thats what I said when I read that NBA's most lovable hated man, Starbury said last night in regards to dog fighting. Apparently, in his little world, dog fighting is compared to football, basketball, and just about any other sport that is watched in this world.

Funny, dogs dont get paid multi-million dollar endorsement deals to knawl another dogs head off nor do they get preferential treatment, like todays sports celebrities do. Oh yeh, and dogs dont get to CHOOSE whether or not to fight or not or live or die when they get injured. When Shaq goes down with an injury you dont see Pat Riley shoving his head in a bathtub full of water until he drowns.
I for one, have never been a huge Starbury fan. He did, however, solely provide us the anti-corporate sneaker for poor kids who want nice shoes and he did tell Lebran "Id rather own than be owned", which i fricken applauded to.

This is almost as bad as Roy Jones Jr and his open endoresment to cock fighting (hell he owns one of the worlds largest cock fighting breeding farms). The only difference is that just about everything in Oklahoma is legal, oh exept for dog fighting. Any sport in which an animal is paired up with another animal in an ultimate death match is NOT A SPORT!!!

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