Friday, August 31, 2007

Spank you, I'm outta here!

Embattled (to use the phrase very VERY lightly) senator Craig of Idaho is likely to resign from office today.

This new level of hypocrisy is expected to set off a well-spring of "Thank Gods", and "Its about time" on Capitol Hill, but is this really appropriate given the situation?

Case in point, Senator Craig had committed a misdemeanor, then abruptly plead guilty to the crime when caught.

This in comparison to the likes of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska who continues to be investigated for bribery given his high ranking position on the Appropriations committee (The dudes with the money), and Senator Vitter's issues with prostitutes...

These arguments taken from a wonderful comment made here by a Melanie Sloan, on Google, but she is just so ridiculously head-on to the issues here I had to show it.

She's totally right though. Why the hell do Stevens and Vitters get a pass on these, yet Craig has to resign?

Strange times we live in when someone can defraud the American people, or solicit a hooker and keep not only their job, but their high ranks on these powerful committees, while some dumbass that is uncomfortable with his own sexuality (thus has to "creep") is about to lose his job.

Eh, guess you reap what you sow, but still... Stevens and Vitters should be next on the chopping block.


Shane Rollins said...

I'm curious about Idaho's law about replacing a Senator

SayHey Kid said...

I found Sen Craigs sex proposal transcript very funny. This guy represents yet another closet gay republican who uses God as a blanket between truth and lies.

I think we need to take bets as to who from the moral er I mean Republican party is next to be outed by thier own stupidity

Livingamongmorons said...

There are only two reasons why Vitter is "forgiven" while Craig is being forced out:

1. Vitter had the good sense to do the nasty with a girl; Family Values Bible-thumpers will forgive pretty much any indiscretion if it's performed with a member of the opposite sex, and if you are a Republican.

2. Vitter is from a state with a Democratic Governor, so if he resigns, he'll be replaced by a Democrat. Craig is from a state with a Republican governor (Butch Otter, I kid you NOT) and will be replaced by another "family values" Republican. So Vitter stays, Craig goes. Simple as that.

"Family Values" my ass. The only thing these guys "value" is power.