Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

Great news, I will get to be up close and personal in the greatest governor race since Arnold's first try.

I won't lie, I'd love to see the cross dresser and the Mormon run together too.

You would think someone at the Pentagon would have the brains to know that crusade is English for jihad.

This rings of someone trying to bed both sides of the aisle and the sad thing is, it will probably work.

You would think, as a Browns fan, our biggest blemish is Tim Couch. Nay I say, it is without a doubt the the World's Most Eligible Bachelorette.

At this point I have to wonder, did Bush appoint anyone who isn't up on some kind of contempt charge or did he only hire a bunch of idiots.

Major General Paul Eaton was on Countdown last night and gave his opinion of Bush's comparison between Iraq and Vietnam. I find it funny, cause many of us were calling this the new Vietnam before Bush even had this bee in his bonnet. But just in case, David Shuster was there with some facts for the administration.

Excuse me, Karl, there's this called the Hatch Act, and your hand has been caught molesting it.

“Our troops are not political props, and they aren’t chew toys”-Paul Rieckhoff

You know it's bad when Marlon Byrd is pimp slapping you.

I'm very glad that I proposed alone in her apartment and not in front of 30,000 fans only to get called out on strikes.

Well, I guess this means only one's on now bitches! If this story makes enough rounds, do not be surprised to see brawls at the Red River this year.

Oh dear, now I have to take all the Jessicas off my list and of course it is a Yankees fault.

For once my original state is doing something political that won't be the laughing stock of America.

See ya Brad, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


DCSportsChick said...

That is hysterical about Jessica Alba and Jeter. LMAO!

SayHey Kid said...

That Jeter ruins it all for the rest of us.

No to promptly take Jessica Alba off my "top 5 to do list"

Dews said...

Guys, she was tainted already just having been involved with Jeter...

You don't sleep with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver's bitch... You just don't!!!

Dews said...

Seriously though Shane... Who is Claire??? :)

Does she like the country at all?

So many more questions I'll need answers for, but I'm ready to see where things go for us.

She'll have to drive though, I like to drink at restaurants and all. Can't change me baby!

Shane Rollins said...

I love the fact that all the young women in Hollywood seem to sleep with the same men...which somehow includes Mark Wahlberg