Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

We start off today with the possibility that some Republican candidates may be realizing that supporting the war may not help them win an election. I wouldn't be shocked if this was New York, California or some liberal hotbed, but Texas? Yall done pissed off the wrong state.

People are finally starting to realize what we could have done with the money spent on Iraq. Hell, the Gulf Coast could be much farther along right now then it is, namely in shambles.

See, there is what the administration would have you believe and then there's the truth. There seems to me to be a huge difference between 8 benchmarks and 3. I actually heard someone on the radio saying, well we should wait until the military report cause we can trust that more. Of course, that would also mean the Pratreus report would have to come from him, no the White House...which it is.

The story you're about to see is true. The names of those involved have not been changed to protect anyone's identity.

So, you've had a bad day, weeks, months, two terms, hey no one's really counting. You're doin a heck of a job Dubya.

Finally, some serious debate and ideas about this alleged war on drugs. The Libertarian in me says fuck it, let it be legal. If people want to use a crutch all their life, I am not one to judge them for it.

Chicago Dyke explains the difference between gay cruising for sex and what Senator Craig did. They are exactly right, people who are openly gay don't go to restrooms, rest stops and the like. It's the closeted ones with families who preach moral superiority who end up doing illegal things like that.

Do you really feel like being scared shitless, then go read Glenn today about Bush's rhetoric about Iran. He will be known in history, as the man who unified the middle east against America.

I love this administration's cronies. When someone tries to drum up some attention at their plight they consider it obstruction of justice. This US attorney would not have you take a gander at the men behind the current who control his strings.

In other news, CityCat and myself have passes to the preview of Halloween tonight. Yes, it means I have to go into Georgetown. I would have gone to Georgia and Denver to see this movie, review posted tomorrow.

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