Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday Blog Round Up

Book of Scrap is having a contest, the who has the hottest wife/girlfriend in sports. I give this to you, even if I have my reservations since Eliza Dushku isn't even on the list.

Apparently Conservative Bloggers don't like it when people call out the fact that they are as dumb as a sack of hammers.

A comic for people like Anita who majored in Philosophy.

As usual, Glenn Greenwald does a wonderful job painting us the picture of the fear that encompasses the right wing blowhards who are so scared of Islam.

My Canadian Household watches Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. Erin was kicked off tour this week and has said she has had better then Brett. Apparently better is none other then Mr. Urlacher.

In the effort to once again force a communist sport upon us, Team USA will play Brazil at Soldier Field, live on ESPN 2. Sounds like a great idea right? Should get a lot of folks to come watch de futbol? Sadly, no, since it is going to be played on NFL's Opening Day.

Ookie is now the only man standing, in other words he's frelled.

Perhaps Rove is leaving to go home and pack his bags since he very well may be spending time behind metal poles.

Finally, Monkey has to take some tool to school to explain to him the difference between fascism and socialism.

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