Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome to our humble home

Some of you may have stumbled here from my previous blog, others may have just stumbled, don't worry though, you're in good company as most of the posters here are frequent stumblers. We are almost all exclusively in DC, or were exclusively in DC. Dews and his lady have evacuated to his homeland and I shall be evacuating to Planet Houston here within the year. We also have two corespondents from California, and one from the PA/NJ area as well.

Now I have talked a little bit about what you can expect on like seriously wtf?! but let me expand on that if you will. This is a blog about anything and everything. We're not going to attempt to focus on one certain area be it sports, politics, entertainment or gossip. We have amazing writers who are a part of this staff, including a professional photographer. As you can already tell by what has been posted, you can expect a wide variety of items for you to wet your whistle on.

I myself have been known to go on a few rants, make a few top ten lists, and go off on a few topics. I'm trying to pull myself away from my political rants, I know it shocks some people, but in the end does it accomplish anything? It leaves me frustrated, angry that I cannot directly influence an outcome without a significant amount of dynamite. Therefore I shall rant about other things that I have no control over, yet make me much less angry. You all may not care if I get angry, but it's not you who I mind, the fiancee doesn't like it when I'm angry and pissed off at the world.

No worries though, I still would love to start the brush fire and sit back and watch the world burn, and I'm sure certain events will spill out of me from time to time, but for now I shall put the politics down like a good addict and realize I won't be in DC forever, which is the leading cause for politicitus.

So enjoy our rental until our home is finished being built, I'm sure over the next few days the contributors to this site will introduce themselves, give you a lil information about who they are, what they expect to write about, favorite movie, whether they like long walks on the beach, and the quickest way into their knickers.

Cause, after all, isn't that what you really care about?

Yours Truly,
Shane Rollins, Editor-at-large

PS-I am currently working right next to the hotel where David Beckham is staying at in DC. When I pulled into work, there were already people outside in jerseys. Why is it, that in the three days he has been here the only fans I have seen of his have been male?

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LuvlyLinda said...

Because he looks good, and he speaks with an accent, and no self respecting man can stay away from that combo. And that Posh spice is such a fag hag if I've ever seen one. Grace Adler, move over!