Thursday, August 9, 2007

We are all doomed and Hi!

All our base are belong to China:


Ok, so a quick intro I suppose...
As our editor alluded to, I have recently escaped the beautiful swamp that unfortunately was turned into Washington DC for glory back home in the arctic.

Having been in DC for a long time (doing the atypical stints on Capitol Hill, though I stayed 3 years too long there), I suffer from political thoughts constantly. The only solution is to get those thoughts out there, anywhere, as long as they are not all directed at my beautiful (soon to be) wife, as she really could care less (most times).

That is where you, the reader come in!

Don't worry, you won't hear the standard Pinko Commie Liberal or Right Wing Christian Bible Thumping views from me though. I kinda like to take to extremes on both sides, but hate them both.

Anyway, it shall be a fun ride. If I am able to offend, or piss off a significant portion of "Middle America" and SUV driving yuppies, then I'll die a happy man.



SeyHey24 said...

Im sure ill be the one offending people. I was a liberal living in a blood red part of VA. Hence, makes me alittle more outspoken than I should be.

Dews said...

Maybe I should say that its more the BS Dogma and talking points on either side that bother me, not necessarily the people themselves (unless of course, they are totally vested in said Dogma and talking point bs). :)

For example, if your idea of making a point is to quote something you heard from a Franken, Limbaugh, Moore, or O'Reilly, you are in for a world of hurt.