Thursday, August 9, 2007

Your butt is wide, well mine is too

Apparently we are fine with looking at people likeBig Daddy V. According to Reuters Americans see fat as normal. I for one will disagree with that sentiment. I'm sorry, but if you've never seen Big Daddy V then feel free to find yourself apart of the blessed.
My favorite part of the article is (other then the picture):
But he said the fact that even women's ideal weight had increased suggested there was less social pressure to lose weight.

I'm sure some of our other bloggers can comment on this, but from what I see there is still just as much pressure to lose weight as there ever was. When we parade around a bunch of women who throw up for a living I don't think we are exactly sending out the message of it is ok to not look like Walter Donovan. Then again according to some this report is a bunch of hogwash, and I tend to believe that it is more true and there is a great deal more self-loathing going on then their so called "acceptance".

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