Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How To Fix TNA

TNA in October upgrades their TV show from one hour to two hours on Spike TV. There has been much talk on the internet on how they can improve their program before this time, though it may not be possible. Ever since they got the Spike TV Deal, hell ever since they signed Kurt Angle TNA has gone downhill and become reminiscent of the last year or so of WCW. Today I discuss the few things I would do to make them competitive with the WWE, or at least what they should do to make themselves so.

1. Change Your Booker
I understand that Vince Russo and Dutch Mantell are their current bookers and are probably most to blame for the drop in TNA's programming. I remember a time when you couldn't miss TNA due to what they were doing on their shows. It was about WRESTLING and not jibber jabber. Now they have fallen into the WWE's problem and have WAY too much talking going on in their shows. Their amount is fine, if it was a two hour show, but it hasn't been. My first order of duty would be to replace Vince and Dutch with a man I think could be a real player again, as long as he doesn't handle the finances.

Of course I am talking about Paul Heyman.

No longer under WWE contract, he may be the greatest booking mind this business has ever known, and maybe the worst financial one. Just give him the book and watch how things are turned around. ECW never had a dull moment, just bad money decisions. Give him the reigns if you truly want to compete with the WWE.

2. Free Agents suggested they sign three, Chris Jericho, RVD and Booker T. I say Chris Jericho is too difficult to sign for this and just sign RVD and Booker T. Right away they should be added to one of the categories that I will list below. They still have a great deal left in the tank, and imagine RVD and Heyman together again on a mission to take down the WWE. RVD allowed once again to be the Whole Fucking Show, even bring back Fozzie.

3. Categories
TNA needs to know where each wrestler is best used at and have them focus on that area. I would have four categories in which to place people, and they can move when the need arises, but that would depend on how well they were over. They would be World Title, X Division, Tag Team, and Feud. These would be give the show a sense of direction and not the sense of forgetfulness that it seems to have gained as if they have Alzheimer's. The groupings I would use would be the following.

The World Title Division would be Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Sting, Samoa Joe, RVD and Booker T. The only caveat to this group would be I would let Sting go here in a few months. He's getting older, his work rate is slipping and it's time for some new blood. Rhino has held the ball, and has run with it and as such I would move him into this division. The focus in this group would be on getting the World Title. Other things may play a factor, but the end goal is the World Title.

The X Division would be Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Jay Lethal, Ron Killings and Petey Williams. These men have shown time and again why they are the future of this sport. Daniels, Styles and Killings can be moved into the World Division when needed, but once there they shouldn't be downgraded again. They need to get back to having phenomenal matches that get people on their feet staring in awe and saying Oh My God!

The Tag Team Division would look much of the same as it does now with The Steiners, Team 3D, Motor City Machine Guns, VKM, LAX and XXX. The caveats would be to let go of the Steiners, VKM and eventually Team 3D. I know they're name teams, but they're getting on and holding down the younger teams. Plus most of the younger teams could easily be X Division Champions and I'd love to see these guys unleashed in tag team competition. I would replace those teams with the following. Sonjay Dutt and Havoc form a tag team being lead by Raven, and make the ultimate face team of Lance Hoyt and Eric Young as Hoyt turns on Hemme or she turns face or, what is their position again? The third would be to bring back the Naturals as they really did have some promise.

The Feud Division is basically our version of Potpourri. This pretty much consists of Abyss, Rhino, Tomko, James Storm, Robert Roode, Chris Harris, Black Reign, Judas Messiah, Matt Morgan and Jeff Jarrett. I do not think Jarrett should be in the World Title picture anymore as he brings nothing spectacular to the table. Every man in that division has been known to have AMAZING matches, I can't think of one AMAZING Jeff Jarrett match. They can feud about anything and anyone and I'm sure Heyman would figure out what that should be, he never lacked for coming up with those ideas.

So there you have it, get rid of some of the dead weight and push the youth. Use you workers who are already stars elevate the youth and go back to having eye-popping PPVs. Keep things like the all Steel Cage PPV, Ultimate X, and maybe even Monsters Ball. Bring back some oldies but goodies like a Scaffold Match, War Games and other gimmick matches.

The final thing I would do would be to have the PPVs in a different location each month, but be specific and smart about locals. You need to go to wrestling hotbeds where you will be guaranteed an audience. Philadelphia, Dayton, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Detroit and one at home in Orlando. Maybe even consider going to Calgary or Montreal for a PPV as well. Having UWF type shows is fine, but you need to get the TNA out there and if ROH can get almost 1000 people in those cities, TNA can do just as well. My suggestion for Philadelphia would be the ECW Arena, it's held PPVs already and has the history, the presence.

So, there you have it, my suggestion to fix TNA, thoughts?

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