Thursday, September 20, 2007

March Assault Protest

An update since I have spent this afternoon on the Gathering of Eagles forum discussing things with them.

They initially thought it was a disgusting protest piece and didn't realize it was the son's father who made it.

The two sides hugged after the misunderstanding.

Doing my best to be the olive branch, to have an actual discussion with those who are willing to enter into an intelligent debate on various subjects.


Dews said...

Good gesture on their part, but there is a reason protests are called "Peaceful demonstrations".

It is never ok to violate that idea. If you disagree with something and want to protest it, do so, I'd encourage you.

But the second you violate anyone else's civil rights by using physical altercation, you have belittled your cause and proven you've got nothing else to bring to the argument.

SayHey Kid said...

Gotta love their "shoot first, ask questions later" stance.

Damage is done. Who in their right mind would attach a gold star father and tear up a picture of a dead US soldier?? Its sick.

At least they are discussing, but forgive me for not buying into it, based on their comments on the message board.