Thursday, September 20, 2007

Support The Troops Indeed

This incident at the Anti-War rally last Saturday has got my blood more then a little hot. Carlos Arredondo is a Gold-Star father whose son Alex was killed in Iraq in 2004. Since then he has taken a memorial he made to thirty different states.

He was present and marching on September 15th when apparently he passed by some of the asshats from "Gathering of Eagles" who then vandalized his memorial and then proceeded to assault Carlos when he attempted to retrieve the picture of his son from them
Saturday, September 15, 2007 consisted of first a rally, a march towards the capitol and then a die-in. Carlos pulled the memorial along the march route approaching the rotunda near the capitol building. Several of the marchers requested for him to speak about the memorial where a crowd gathered around him. After finishing, several people walked with Carlos as he pulled the memorial. Several pictures of Alex dressed in his blues were attached to the display.

As Carlos passed counter protesters, one man ripped a picture of Alex from the memorial. Carlos leaped on the man to retrieve the picture. It was at that point that approximately five others all began to attack Carlos by kicking him in the head, legs, stomach and back.
The Capitol police bicycle patrol then appeared to break up the fight. Several officers including a female officer were engaged in breaking up the fight and were able to stop any further injuries from occurring. Hannah Jones who was walking with Carlos was also assaulted.

A bystander named Ramesh witnessed the whole encounter and also retrieved the picture of Alex for Carlos. He was quite distressed at how he watched the men follow Carlos as he pulled the memorial, purposefully yelling epithets and eventually taking Alex’s photograph. Soon, an ambulance showed up as well as many concerned activists. The paramedics provided first aid to Carlos but he did not seek further medical attention. Carlos sustained bloody cuts on his shins. He also reported bruises all over his torso and head where he was kicked.

My question is whether these so called Eagles were arrested for assault, perhaps even attempted murder since five on one seems very much like the case of the Jena 6 without the racism. Then again, Carlos isn't white so maybe that played a case as well.

I'm just glad I was not there, I don't know if I could have stood idly by and watched as these assclowns did this. Funny, this is the same group who claimed they were assaulted when someone SPIT AT THEM during the last march. Maybe mommy didn't teach you right boys, but if spitting is assault then without a doubt you all should be arrested for attempted murder.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Gathering of Eagles forum where they talk about this. Apparently it all started when of them decided to "rescue" this marine.


Dews said...

Brownshirts anyone?

SayHey Kid said...

Thats what I call Bush-Hypocracy at its best.........WTG so called "Patriots"

Dews said...

I don't even blame Bush here, goes beyond that.

I blame the education system, and "strategists" like Rove for keeping "issues" not only partisan, but adding a personal tone to them.

Politics should never have that close a link to someone's core belief structure, but once you've polarized each side to be conditioned for it, you can pretty much predict how they're going to react to tough issues (abortion, gay rights, Iraq, Bunnies).

All about playing the margins nowadays, doesn't have anything to do with the candidate anymore :)

Livingamongmorons said...

I think Bush and Faux News has to share some of the blame, for whipping up the "For Us or Against Us" mentality over the last six years.

Livingamongmorons said...

...and never forget, the counter-protestors who tore down the memorial and beat up the Gold Star father were fighting for Freedom. As the website says, What The Fuck-Ever, man.