Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 2

The most interesting week in the NFL in a very long time. I know you all think what the Browns did was a fluke, but they haven't given up the most points in the NFL, that would be the Giants. It's definitely another interesting year in the NFL, it's funny how folks always forget that the playoffs teams almost change always change yearly save for three or so teams (Colts, Pats, Eagles). This year it looks like the Colts and Pats may be the only sure fire playoff teams out there.

1. New England Patriots (2)-They definitely had something to prove after cameragate and did they ever prove it against the "best offense in football".
2. Indianapolis Colts (1)-Over taken this week by the Patriots since they dominated a better team this week. Finally Peyton was booed in Tennessee.
3. Dallas Cowboys (7)-Perhaps Tony Romo really is this good. Another week and another dominate performance by the Cowboys, looks to be the NFC pick right now.
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (4)-The only team that may have not changed positions this week, at least of the top five teams. Another solid outing this week, Willie freakin Parker.
5. San Diego Chargers (3)-A slight drop from last week, apparently San Diego now misses Marty Ball, until the playoffs at least.
6. Chicago Bears (5)-They beat the Chiefs, but they struggled with them, of course that may be due to the worst starting quarterback this side of Joey Harrington.
7. Tennessee Titans (22)-Without a doubt the biggest jump this week, they at least proved to me they are the real deal by limiting the Colts offense and coming damn close to winning.
8. Denver Broncos (14)-Another big jump, though may be not as deserving as the Rat screwed with the Foreign Player Rule to help win the game. Still, that's brilliant coaching.
9. Houston Texans (24)-Scratch what I said above, the Texans made just as big of a jump as the Titans, ironic in a way. Well find out if they're for real without Andre Johnson.
10. Green Bay Packers (9)-I don't know how much of this is great play by the Packers, or just damn lucky. None the less, they are 2-0 and you have to give them credit for that.
11. San Francisco 49ers (12)-A slow progression forward, but the biggest sign that the Niners may be real this year is the fact that they have managed to find ways to win two close games.
12. Washington Redskins (15)-Do I think they're really this good? No, but they are 2-0 and that deserves some level of respect.
13. Detroit Lions (21)-Can you wrap your head around the fact that THE LIONS are 2-0? Nevermind Cleveland putting up 51, the Lions being 2-0 is more shocking to me.
14. Cincinnati Bengals (6)-This could be the biggest drop of any team, but I think they showed that they may be the team with the most explosive offense in the NFL.
15. Arizona Cardinals (19)-This team keeps showing me that they are on the verge of greatness, the offense reminds me of the Bengals under a young Carson Palmer, which it pretty much is.
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29)-They looked really bad week one, week two they completely pounded the Saints. This may be the week we learn what kind of team this REALLY is.
17. Carolina Panthers (8)-A big drop this week after getting pounded by the Texans. Looks like another roller coaster year for John Fox which means the unemployment office at the end of it.
18. Buffalo Bills (23)-I think this has to be the scrappiest 0-2 team in the NFL. If they figure out how to bring it all together sooner rather then later they could make some waves.
19. Philadelphia Eagles (10)-How can you lose to the Redskins and put this area in Redskins Fever? Damn you Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.
20. Cleveland Browns (30)-A ten spot jump, why, because we scored 51 points against a playoff team. Maybe people will start paying attention when we put 35 on the Raiders this weekend.
21. Minnesota Vikings (25)-This is likely too high for this team, but hey, maybe it will help their young QB's confidence. You need to sign Byron ASAP.
22. Baltimore Ravens (13)-They struggled heavily against the Jets, and their big defense is getting lil injuries here and there which could lead to bigger ones. Ray Lewis gets hurt this team is done.
23. Jacksonville Jaguars (27)-Much like Carolina, I haven't figured this team out yet. I love Del Rio as a coach, but I don't know about Garrard as your starting QB.
24. New Orleans Saints (11)-I never expected to take them out of the top five this year, now their in the mid twenties. Sean Peyton needs to kick this team in the ass in a hurry.
25. Seattle Seahawks (17)-I told you all that Seattle is getting older and won't be the same team this year, but did you want to believe me? Noooooo.
26. St Louis Rams (20)-This may be a very long year for Marc Bulger. They have a coffee filter offensive line and that is gonna spell doom for his season since their only offense has become Stephen Jackson.
27. New York Jets (16)-Welcome to the year where not one but two Oregon Ducks are starting quarterbacks in the NFL, did you ever think this day would ever come?
28. Oakland Raiders (26)-They would be higher if they had won that game, but that is because their defense could be the real deal. Their offense however leaves much to be desired.
29. Miami Dolphins (28)-I wonder if Cam Cameron really thinks that Trent Green is going to last the entire season. If they didn't have the solid defense they do, they would look like the number one pick in the draft next year.
30. New York Giants (18)-This defense is the worst in the NFL right now. I understand letting the Cowboys torch you, but the Packers? Eli won't last the year healthy, can you hear this Darren McFadden first pick taken.
31. Kansas City Chiefs (32)-They moved above the Falcons this week since they do seem to have some resemblance of a defense, just no offense to speak of, which is killing my fantasy team Larry Johnson.
32. Atlanta Falcons (31)-Joey, you threw for two hundred yards, but teams know all they have to do to beat the falcons is play Cover Zero. Your defense is the only thing keeping you in games right now.

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Dews said...

Don't get me wrong, I am not viewing the Skins 2-0 start as anything more then a miracle :)

Although, the same could be said about Green Bay's play too. Don't think anyone predicted that kind of play from such a young team.