Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spin Rage?

Its not hard to find topics that fit this site's namesake..

Take this newly invented term "Spin Rage".

*Pause for dramatic effect*

Yes, that adorably feminine activity when someone sits on a bike and pedals their ass off for an unseemly amount of time apparently causes "rage".

Lets take a lookie:
Christopher Carter, 44, a broker at Maxim Investments Group, was at Equinox gym taking a spin class, a high-impact workout using stationary bikes. He apparently became so fed up by member Stuart Sugarman's hooting and grunting during the workout that he picked up Sugarman and his bike and hurled them into a wall.
Wow... As much as I want to embrace yet another phrase (especially such an obscure one), this doesn't sound at all like its related to spin. If some jackass is making a lot of noise at a gym and it is distracting you, it just pisses you off. Mostly because that person is not showing the same decency and respect for other's personal space as you (as a normal well-meaning human being) try to show.

I will admit though, the image of some dude getting picked up while still on his spin bike and then slammed to the ground brings happy thoughts. Good way to start the morning!


Shane Rollins said...

Hulk no like spin class, Hulk prefers meditation yoga!

SayHey Kid said...
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SayHey Kid said...

Yikes, there is only 1 place for grunts and moans, and that is Womens tennis