Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Obama, unstoppable?

Very interesting article today in about how effective Obama's fundraising campaign has been carried out.

So effective in fact, that he has gathered more donors then all GOP candidates combined!
Obama on Monday e-mailed supporters to report he had 75,000 new donors in the third quarter, which ends Sunday. That figure nearly matches the entire Republican field’s donor base in the first six months of the year.
Not to be cynical about things, but my view on a persons ability to raise funds for their campaign, goes hand in hand with their ability to get elected. Lets face it, you raise money better then other people, you will win. That is how American Politics works.

So, if Obama can continue to raise more money then anyone in the Democratic primary, as well as the entire field of GOP wanna-be's, doesn't that just make his victory inevitable?

Shall we start making Vegas-style odds on this?

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