Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Take Your Steroid Theories and Shove It

The brain test results are in and it is concussions not steroids that lead to Benoit doing what he did. To me this is the most glaring aspect of it.
When asked how much of that he found Bailes replied, "It was extensive, throughout Chris's brain. It was striking and maybe shocking in the extent." The researcher said Benoit's brain scan looked similar to those of Alzheimer's patients. He described Benoit's brain as "very abnormal, something you should never see in a 40-year old."

So Chris Nowinski is on the right path, he has been trying to warn people about the dangers of concussions for years now. I've met Chris, I've had a nice long conversation about college football and about this very subject. Nowinski himself stopped wrestling because of concussions, but sadly Benoit did not.

You cannot repair the brain folks. We need to follow Nowinski's lead and have more concussion awareness, education and prevention. We now see what it can lead to, do you want someone you care about to suffer something this tragic because no one stopped him from doing something that continually gave him head injuries? We all know the kind of performer Benoit was, so to me this wasn't a surprise. I just hope this opens people's eyes to the dangers of concussions.

More importantly I hope this opens the eyes to follow wrestlers who receive concussions on a regular basis. I hope this makes them think more about their health and family then performing. I know the desire to constantly work, to constantly go to the ring, but never do that at the expense of your own well being. Perhaps now people will realize it wasn't Benoit's fault and the WWE can once again start to recognize a superstar in this business. A man whose actions were not his own, cause by an injury led madness. I think this should put things in a different perspective, it wasn't roid rage as so many assumed. This was a man with serious injuries that no one stopped and this led to not being in control of his own functions.

RIP Chris, Nancy and Daniel

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SayHey Kid said...

This is good news. This guy has been talking about the effects of head tramau for along time. Maybe someone in sports will listen for a change.