Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weds Wrap Around

Welcome to the middle of the week folks, we're half way done. Don't you all just love the short week, I know I do. Then again, if the moon was made out of cheese would you eat it? I know I would.

We start today with a a lengthy video of Bill Maher on Hardball. He seemed somewhat subdued while Matthews looks like he was hit with laughing gas.

A poignant look at Dennis Kucinich and how after debate after debate he seems to be growing a pair. Perhaps it is the realization that everyone thinks his wife is smoking hot.

I really liked KO's tie last night. Well, I do, but the most important thing is he delievered another scathing last comment, probably his best in the last month.

Geraldo proves one thing, that even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then. I would pay money to see Geraldo spit on Malkin.

Cinematical has a list of Ubder Cool and Quotable Anti-heroes. The list looks similar to two I made earlier this year.

You would think the "liberal media" would cover the Iraq war as much as they could if it was the biggest news story of the summer. I wonder what had the most percentage, Paris, Britney or Barry?

Once again, bad news from Iraq leads to miraculous terror arrests, this time in Germany. Once again folks, there is no elephant in the room.

Apparently the Nats will have new food at the new ballpark. My question is, do they actually think there are cherries on cherry blossom trees?

This is all we need in a first lady, one who not only NAMES her purse but a purse which is worth more then some people's homes. Its own separate seat on a flight? Why is Kanye West stuck in my head?

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SayHey Kid said...

Your QB is a moron. So what will Mrs. Hawk wear when the Browns play the Packers?