Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

What do you do when your party is hijacked from you? You leave them and join the party who is merely incompetent but not batshit crazy.

Geraldo's boyfriend, Bill'O, claim that Florida student is the biggest wimp in the US, except of course for Eli. Am I the only one who wishes they could taser Biil'O?

How can people support when he has biggots appointed in crucial positions? Too many mosques? If you ask some of us, there are too many churches period in the country that preach the gospel of hate and fear.

Apparently 44 Senators are fine throwing away a document older then the US in their war of terror. Then again they probably hope to foster the belief that we have always been at war with Eastasia.

The Pope apparently snubbed Condi in August when she asked for a meeting. Priest said they could hear Palpatine's cackling laughter all the way in Venice.

I think John Amato has summed up the RNC Chair quite nicely, what a wanker. Giving troops time with their families and out of the fire DEMEANS THEM?! Do you actually think before you speak?

You know how frightening it's getting out there, people are now devolving well known facts to dark age beliefs. If you don't know if the world is round or not then you should be get the gene pool chlorine.

It hasn't been the best week for the White House with everything that has been coming out. Sure, these things may not directly touch the WH, but they're in the same room.

Perhaps it is just MY opinion, but the Senate has more pressing matters right now then condemning an ad bought and paid for by Americans. You know what that is ladies and gentlemen, retroactive censorship, this is the road that leads towards totalitarianism.

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