Friday, September 7, 2007


I swear to god that was the first thing in my head when I read this story about John Edwards' plan for an international organization to stop terrorism.
Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is proposing an international organization to fight terrorism through shared intelligence — cooperation that he says will combat the dangers facing the United States where President Bush has failed.

"We need a counterterrorism policy that will actually counter terrorism," Edwards said in remarks prepared for delivery at Pace University. "We've got to throw away the failed George Bush policies of the past, and move in a bold new direction."
"Today, terrorism is worse in Iraq, and it's worse around the world," Edwards said in excerpts provided by his campaign. "It means the results are in on George Bush's so-called global war on terror and it's not just a failure, it's a double-edged failure."

No word as of yet if Sgt Slaughter has accepted the position of Drill Instructor for the organization. Efforts to find Lady Jane we under way, but there is too many strip clubs to look at in the LA area. Some worry about Duke's ability to lead after his well publicized bathroom...let us say altercation...with Shipwreck at the dockside bar The Blue Oyster. Jet Li's agent could not confirm not deny if the actor would allow Snake Eyes out from his coaching contract to support the new organization.

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Livingamongmorons said...

An International Counterterrorism organization sounds like a pretty darned good idea to me, even if the idea first surfaced in a 1980's-era cartoon.