Friday, September 7, 2007

Cleveland's Coaching Future

The Nose Bleeds has an interesting post up about Bill Cowher possibly becoming the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns next season after Romeo Crennel is fired. As a fellow Browns fan I felt I should speak about this situation.

The speculation comes from Big Ben being quoted saying:
"Only he could tell you that," Roethlisberger said. "Honestly - and I can only talk for a few of the players here - we joke around and say that (Cleveland) could be his No. 1 spot."

Some folks would love this idea, for you all must understand one thing about Bill Cowher. Before he was the face of the Steelers, he played and coached for the Cleveland Browns. It would be the victorious son returning home to lead his former home to the glory land. It would be a fantastic story, I'm just not sure I want it to happen.

First and foremost Cowher would likely want the Holmgreen type deal where he is also the GM of sorts and we have a wonderful GM right now in Phil Savage. Since he has taken over we have actually drafted well for the first time since we returned to the NFL. Whatever happens to Romeo I believe Savage is here to stay since his players are playing well and are the bright spot of the Browns. Therefore Cowher won't have the type of power he will likely command, that alone should eliminate him from the conversation.

Second is the deal of recycling coaches over and over. We don't need a Tom Coughlin, Mike Martz, or Mike Holmgreen. Their style was a decade ago, it no longer fits anymore. I am a firm believer that each decade has a certain coaching style. The 70s saw Noll and Shula. The 80s were all about Bill Walsh. The 90s was dominated by Jimmie Johnson and his assistants. The 2000s are without a doubt Bill Belichick's, with a lil bit of Tony Dungy thrown in there. What we need now is the coach who will lead the next style of play into the the teens.

Third is who those coaches are and my first thoughts come to two men, two brothers. If you haven't figured it out my choice is either Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders or Rex Ryan, defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. I believe the organization would lean more towards Rex because of Phil Savage's familiarity of him, plus the fact that they went New England defense once (Ryan was the Pats Linebacker's coach) and it didn't turn out too well.

We have seen the job Rex Ryan has done with the Baltimore defense the last two years, and this year will likely be more of the same. They seem to constantly lose players and it has yet to hurt them, they just keep reloading. That is due to having an eye for talent and knowing how to coach said talent. I also think that we should keep Rob Chudzinski as our Offensive coordinator. He knows the team, knows how to make a dynamic offense, and we should keep him along so we could finally have some stability in our offensive game plan.

There you have it, my thoughts on our current head coach situation. I like Crennel as a coach, I just don't know if he has what it takes to be a head coach is all. I believe the Ryans will be two terrific head coaches in the NFL, all we need to do is give one of them the chance to excel. The only other person I would seriously consider would be Mike Singletary, if he became our head coach, lord help you all.

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TheNaturalMevs said...

A son of Buddy Ryan would be fine with me, I just don't want an all defensive coach. I want someone who will have a vertical passing oriented attack that is emphasized.

I agree, I don't think it will be Cowher and although it sounds storybook and tempting, I am not sure it would turn out as well as we'd like. He's won his Championship. There is nothing that says he'll ever be able to replicate the same type of hunger going after another title. He might take a job for the money (ala Jimmy Johnson) and never experience the same type of success.

Lastly, thanks for the link. I will be back often.